November 20, 2020

The Right to Live

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a good essay about the fundamental rights of Man and how we have the right to catch a disease if we wish to risk it. It asks the question; why is the right to protection from Covid trump the right to live life?

From the essay:

People have the right not to be exposed to an infectious disease but that has to be balanced against the right of others to be exposed if they so choose, be it out of a death wish or, more likely, a desire not to allow a low-risk event to ruin their cherished lives.

Whose rights should prevail in this case? Until March of this year, there was universal agreement that the rights of those who are not proven to be infectious trump those who want to play it safe. That made sense because those who fear death more than a lifeless life can join Joe Biden in the basement, no coercion required.

Suddenly, though, many governments flip-flopped and claimed, without any public discussion or accountability for the results, that the rights of those who seek not to be exposed to the virus trump the rights of those willing to risk exposure. Many were suddenly forced to be the keeper of everyone else, like it or not.

You know, this thing was 180* different during the AIDS epidemic. Back then there was an enormous push to not have contact tracing or quarantining of infected individuals (which is why it spread so fast).We were told this was about basic civil rights. I would point out that there is a phenomenon known as "bug chasing" in which gay people actually SEEK to become infected with HIV, and nobody ever suggested that they didn't have the right to do so. (And all of us pay for it with higher insurance rates and the like.) Speaking of which, Obamacare and other quasi-socialised medical insurance schemes stress the "pre-existing condition" angle, saying that should be no bar to receiving health care, and that included bug chasers who wanted to get sick to prove their fealty to the homosexual lifestyle. But now it's all flipped on it's head with Covid. Now you don't have a right to even go out if you aren't proven to NOT be sick; it's a case of guilty until proven innocent. And the mainstream media (and sadly the American People) don't see the contradiction, or ignore it at any rate.

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1 Biter reality of our society is that we always talk about the rights of the women and ignore the rights of the men By thinking that they are strong enough and can face every situation of life without getting disappointed but they can visit at site to complete their tasks. GFood to read that this piece of writing they are talking about the rights of the man.

Posted by: Danni Larsen at November 23, 2020 03:26 AM (huPxZ)

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