June 20, 2024

The Return of Saladin

This from Greg Malakoff

I wrote this history lesson for a friend that didn't quite understand what was going on in the middle east. I thought, well why let only one person learn something. It's not that long and I'm sure it will never change the mind of one social justice warrior college idiot, but here it is none the less.

I can see your confusion and my point is rather large in scope. I hope you'll read this to the end and then confront me with what you think I have wrong. It appears to me that you are missing some very important key points. I don't want to give you a deep dive into it because you already told me you don't want to read a lot of my shit. I put a lot of effort into trying to make this short but there is just certain things you need to know, if only not to think that I'm super crazy. That was humor, there are better reasons to know the following.

First you should know that this culture will not be wiped out if only because there are 22 Arab nations that Israel has never shown any aggression towards. The key word above was Arab. The Palestinians only existed around 1964 when the media started referring to them as that. Before that time, they were and still are Arabs.

Palestine was the term that that the Romans called that area after exiling the Jews out of Judea. At no time, was there ever a Palestinian civilization in that region. I'll attach a list of all the civilizations that did control that area from way before Christ. But never was there Palestinians in charge of the land.

To understand the British taking it over from the Ottoman Empire where much of these modern problems arose from is quite complicated. Made simple they made a two state solution. The Arabs in that area were given Trans Jordan a country much larger than Israel. Israel never got what the British originally promised them in the Balfour declaration of 1914 and they only got about half of that 33 years later because of the Holocaust.

The Brits hated the Jews almost as much as Hitler and drew the map up so that they would all be killed. It was a sure bet after they confiscated the Jews weapons and gave it to the Arabs and the war began the first day Israel was recognized by the U.N. as a nation. It was a miracle that Israel got to keep their half.

The half given to the Israeli Arabs aka future Palestinians, was not given to them by the Arabs that demanded they evacuate so that 5 Arab armies could drive them into the sea and kill them all. The plan was that 24 hours later they would return to their homes. They are still refuges to this day. After WWII all of the world's refuges were resettled within about 6 months. Ask me why the Arabs 70 years or so later still can't get out of Arab refuge camps in Arab lands.

Jordan took the west bank until the 67 war when Israel took it back. Egypt took Gaza. Interesting after I think the 73 war Egypt made peace to get back the Sinai peninsula, but they would not sign the peace deal if Israel made them take back Gaza. Egypt refused to take Gaza and that should make you want to ask why?

I could go on for hours and because I like you and don't want you to suffer I'll leave it alone... soon. If the false argument of the Jews stole their land was actually true, which it is not, then they don't have any leg to stand on because it was the Jews land from the beginning of recorded time. Even after Masada when the Romans expelled them into the diaspora, there were always Jews living in Judea. It is archaeologically proven that the Jews have been in that land for thousands of years before Christ. It is 100% their land if we're using that argument. But it is more complex than that.

Should a group of people be given a country with their track record? With the hundreds of billions of dollars given the Palestinians since the surrounding Arabs made them refugees, they have not even created a postage stamp. All that money goes to terrorism. Arafat when given 93% of his requests by Clinton stormed out of the meeting and Madelyn Albright was famously seen chasing him down the hall to try and get him to agree. He was going to get 93% and all he had to do was take kill all the Jews out of his charter.

He couldn't do it, because if he made peace with Israel all of the money coming in from the world would cease, but more importantly he did not want a country. He wanted to keep living his wonderful lifestyle where he stole billions from his people. In the movie Munich by Spielberg, there is a little scene where the terrorists were being treated like rock stars all over Europe. They were adored. They gave Arafat and the like a lot of money to keep up the good work.

More simply stated, people are demanding the impossible of Israel. You cannot make peace with people that for generations have done only one thing, to train their children from birth to kill the Jews. They have help with that goal from the Muslim Brotherhood and many other organizations such as Hamas as well as lately two democrat presidents with an intermission from an orange guy and wow, was he hated for making those Abraham peace accords and finally putting our embassy in Jerusalem. But that is a whole other story.

They don't want to just kill all the Jews from the River to the Sea. They also want to kill you, I'm assuming you are a Christian. If you look at Europe today, you will realize I'm not exaggerating. The culture of Islam is a culture of conquest and death. A mosque means only one thing, that this area was conquered. That is why they fought so hard to place a mosque in NYC where the trade towers once stood. That an honest observer can't say that without certain people going crazy is very troubling.

This is still on the big picture of the point I was trying to make. Carthage to avoid a 3rd war with Rome met all of Rome's demands and surrendered all of their weapons and Navy. They obeyed every demand of Rome and there were many. As the Carthaginian diplomats were returning to Carthage they noticed Rome sending in their army and as they realized that they were about to become totally extinct, they might have said my bad.

The point of that was we are taught history. Roman history right now is very popular on Amazon, yet no one seems to understand it or learn a thing from it. Carthage went extinct because they helped their enemy who made their intentions quite clear. That is what is happening now, but only with different names. Also we have many different enemies, not just Carthage having Rome. You might think it is just Israel a country the size of New Jersey.

But it is about survival of western civilization. I know you are concerned about civilizations because you stated so above. I'm hoping you'll choose the right civilization. The other one will not take kindly on you. Just ask a Carthaginian if you could go back in time and see them viciously slaughtered. O.K. mock me all you want, but I know you are capable of learning so I hope you might not just take my word for this and look into it yourself. Sadly, most of academia, many Universities have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from Arab states in exchange for letting their terrorists be called professors and they have taught a lot of people a lot of very bullshit ideas.

Tim adds:

Other points to ponder; most "Palestinians" immigrated there in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and they displaced the aboriginal Palestinians, many of whom were Christians and wound up leaving. The current "nation of Palestine" came to take jobs created by the returning Jews. They are as much Johnnie-come-latelies as are the Jews, only the Jews had a traditional claim on the land.

Also the "Palestinians" didn't build the place up. Read Mark Twain's description of the land as totally desolate an overgrown. It was the returning Jews who built what the Palestinians now want to claim.

This whole business of the Palestinian issue is ot what it is made to appear. It is rather the old battle going back to Muhammed. Where Islam sets it's standard it shall never be moved! They want the land just because it had once been ruled by Muslims and they refuse to allow it to be in the hands of "infidels". This is fundamentally no different than the conquest of the city by Caliph Umar in 635 and Muslim rage at it's fall to the Crusaders in 1099 leading to the reconquest by Saladin in 1187. Basically they are just pissed off that "infidels" control "their" land.

Five times they have been offered their own country and five times turned it down because they demand control of Jerusalem and want Israel vulnerable to attack from the Golan Heights.

"From the river to the sea" shows exactly what they want - all of it.

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1 Hmmm! This Greg Malakoff is one smart dude! Knows his history and writes well about it! Where'd you find him, Tim?

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at June 20, 2024 10:55 PM (bP6Zo)

2 He's a friend on Facebook. Sent me a friend request.

Yeah; he IS very smart and has a lot of real-life experience. Lived in the Soviet Union (with the American Embassy) during the eighties.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at June 21, 2024 07:24 AM (T9CuO)

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