January 14, 2018

The Republican World of Disney

Dana Mathewson

I was thinking of "old" political news, damn if I know why, and it occurred to me again how "Friend Ken" said prior to the 2012 elections that the GOP could "beat Zippy by running Mickey Mouse against him," and after the election I said how it was a shame they couldn't persuade Mickey to run. It just occurred to me tonight that the Republicans' problem was that they ran Gladstone Gander instead of Mickey Mouse, which pretty well guaranteed their failure. (Wish I'd thought of that back then -- what a lousy pundit I make.) Gladstone was, as you remember, the luckiest goose in the world, and a dandy to boot -- but had no friends, at least not among the other characters -- everyone hated him. And his luck always consisted of small stuff. There were no politics in the Disney comics, which was one reason everyone loved them.

But if I'm right, and Gladstone Gander WAS their candidate in 2012, then whom did they run in 2008? And it seems to me that there is no analogous Disney character, at least from their classic stable, to compare to McCain, unless perhaps it is Scrooge McDuck, the loner whose only real friend is his innumerable overflowing bank vaults. True, Scrooge has no trophy wife with a beer business, and Scrooge is not inherently evil, but hey, we're only trying to get reasonably close here. I can't think of a Disney character who hugs his enemies and stabs his friends in the back repeatedly.

There's no Disney analogue to Trump that I can see. I don't think Scrooge is Trump. I don't think we need an analogue to Trump, though. Biden = Goofy.

That's it for now.

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