September 16, 2017

The Reality is Black Privilege

Timothy Birdnow

This dovetails with Brian's arguement with Leord Pitts Jr. Daren M. Williams penned a great piece about the fallacy of "white privilege" and points out that blacks actually are the ones who profit from it.

From American Thinker:

"Unbeknownst to many, blacks in America are the major beneficiaries of the uniquely American phenomenon commonly known as "White Privilege". And they have enjoyed those privileges for decades, nay (dare I say it?), for over a century now. "


I conclude with two points. First, there is no such thing as "White Privilege." If there is any privilege, it is the privilege of being born in or immigrating to an advanced, free, and open capitalist society. At most, there might be the appearance of a "majority privilege"; that is, any majority ethic group existing in an ethnically diverse country or society will appear to have greater privilege than its minority counterparts simply because of its sheer populousness, because of its longevity in the community, and so on. To wit, blacks enjoy a large degree of "Black Privilege" in all African countries under the Sub-Sahara. And Asians enjoy a disproportionately large degree of "Asian Privilege" in their countries of origin. And even Muslims enjoy an overriding degree of "Muslim Privilege" in comparison to other religious groups in predominantly Muslim countries.

And second, in an advanced, free, and open capitalist society, everyone, whether through birthright, citizenship, or legal immigrant status, has the ability to enjoy the "privileges" of that society’s accomplishments if they so choose -- be it in the field of sports, entertainment, science, business, medicine, etc., or one of their own creation."

End excerpt. h

And indeed there are a great many privileges associated with being black in modern America. Blacks get preferences in hiring for government jobs and generally in private sector ones, too. Affirmative action and "race norming" of civil servant tests give blacks a disproportionate number of civil service jobs. Colleg admissions are skewed to give lesser qualified black candidates a spot at major universities, many of whom have not developed competitive scholastic skills and wind up failing or being passed through to maintain a quota. The nation's social safety net was designed primarily with black people in mind (although others can take advantage as well) and such things as Section housing and other social programs help the black community where many whites are denied similar aid. Blacks are over6represented in sports, as the author points out, but also in music and entertainment. Some would argue that is because the people want, say, rap music or whatnot. True, but it was promoted heavily by record companies and entertainment moguls and this frnkly proves my point; there is a postive pressure, a sense of good will that promotes African Americans and their culture. If America were so racist and whites have so much privilege why are they flocking to black culture? In point of fact, nobody in their right minds would seek out anything associated with the black community if it was so detrimental to your life. That young white kids are forever acting out as gangsta rappers or whatnot speaks volumes.

White males are declining in colleges. White males are seeing their life expectancy decline - the only class in America to do so. Unemployment rates for white males are unusually high. That bespeaks a culture of black and female privilege, not the other way around.

And Antifa or Black Lives Matter can show up wearing ski masks and toting baseball bats and bash in the heads of white nationalist protesters who were lawfully assembled and the white guys get the blame for everything from the media. Black crimes go unreported on the news regularly (and some of them have been horrendous) because there is a black privilege that says they are allowed leeway because of their historical oppression. See White Girls Bleed Alot. If the situation were reversed a black people were treated in a similar way there would be 24/7 coverage on the news and a DOJ and Congresional investigation launched. When it's black on white crime, nothing.


Black people can cut lines, disturb the peace, and annoy people around them and get away with it because "that's their culture" while whites are held to a higher standard. Go into any black neighborhood on a Saturday night and see for yourself; there is shouting and gunfire and tires screeching and blaring music and trash strewn about. That is not tolerated in a white community. In many places building standards are different for whites and blacks, with black areas being largely exempt from condemnations because they are inhabited by black folks while whites are held to a stricter account. Privilege.

By so many metrics it can be shown that there is a black privilege that is not extended to whites. The business of "white privilege' may have been true a hundred years ago, but it is long past and the pendulum has swung the other way. Now whites are the ones treated as second class.

I dare anyone who disagrees to make a solid argument against that assertion. At best we'll hear platitudes and microaggressions and that is about it.

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