January 30, 2023

The Rain in Ukraine Falls Mainly in Vain

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an amazingly myopic and dunder-headed article about the whole Russo-Ukrainian dustup.

First the author claims this is destroying  Russia. I would say there wasn't much to destroy in the first place. Seventy years of Bolshevism had picked the meat off the Russian bones, and the West happily has been picking what was left. Putins' ascension to power was a bad thing for Russia, and killed the nascent democratic movement of Russia, but whose fault was that?

Putin rose to power thanks to George Soros, who crashed the Russian economy through his usual b.s. money manipulation. The Russians were already mad as hell at the West for the carpet-baggers and the rest who swooped in to pick the bones. Soros was the last straw. They elected Putin.

Then there is this:

"[Many...] seem not to understand that, as opposed to Las Vegas, "what happens in Ukraine does not stay in Ukraine." Even a partial win for Putin could end up costing America far more in the long run -- in both lives and treasure. It would have been so much easier to stop Hitler before he crossed the Rhine." End excerpt.

???? This is a lot of conventional wisdom but lacks any real proof thereof. The Russians did the exact same thing in Georgia back in 2008. Yes, since Putin got away with it once he figured he could get away with it again. But it hardly led to Russia expanding all around the globe as this suggests. Putin is not Hitler and Russia is not Germany. They don't have that kin d of reach. The notion that we must intervene or else Putin will attack the whole world is not supportable.

But apparently the U.S. doing so is just fine.

I would add that this intractable support for Ukraine and no diplomacy is beyond stupid and will push Putin's back against the wall, and we may find we don't like what happens next. THIS is what could widen the war, up to and including nukes.

Putin needs a way out to save face. He's not going down without a huge fight. The people pushing this idea of forcing him out don't realize he isn't Saddam Hussein; he's not a pushover.

"Western populations... grasp that to abandon Ukraine will lead to an even wider bloodbath."

End How so? Seems to me the wider bloodbath is more likely the longer we drag this thing out.

"Leaders in the West most likely see that without Putin's defeat, a return to stability in Europe is effectively impossible. To make the slightest concession to Putin would send all predators the message that they can invade a country, annex it in whole or in part, and commit war crimes to their hearts' content without any consequences."

But when we invade Afghanistan, or Iraq, or any other country it's different. (Well, in a way it is, but it doesn't change the fact this claim is pure hyperbole.) Remember, this whole thing is in no small part a coefficient of OUR meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine; we fomented the Orange Revolution to install a puppet regime there.

"What is clear is that NATO will be strengthened, and fully emerge again as the defense structure of the democratic world."

Democratic world? Hah! NATO had no reason to continue to exist except as a tool of imperialist ambition, and it represents the E.U. which is about as "democratic" as Argentina. This statement is a farce.

NATO should have been dissolved at the end of the 20th century. It is the continued existence of NATO and it's expansion into the Warsaw Pact that caused this in the first place. Couple that with the deployment of missile defense systems in old Warsaw Pact countries and you had a recipe for Russian hostility. They don't like having old enemies on their border.

And I disagree; the U.S. is not going to come out the big winner - China will. This only empowers the Chinese, who get to sit back and watch their Asian rival Russia dry up and the U.S. squander it's prestige and military might and wealth on a war that is more civil war than fight between countries.

I disagree on the decline the author sees in Russia too. This war has actually boosted the Russian economy, and the demand for oil and gas was as much at the root of this as anything (and the high prices of both enriched Putin so he could afford this war.) I think this could damage the Russians, but not as much as the author thinks. If it comes to it the Russians can do what they are doing - sell to China and non-aligned nations and watch Europe freeze.

But economic collapse is the goal of current policy in the West towards Russia. They don't like those oil-mongers!

There is a reason why Biden made no effort to avert this war. The Davos crowd wants it, because they want to make Russia part of their internationalist empire. I don't cry for the corrupt Russian system but I also don't much like to see the Davos internationalists prosper. They are pushing so hard on this because they want to bankrupt Russia and force her into the New World Order. Putin may be an SOB but he does see that's what they are about.

Doubt that? The U.S. had been building a pipeline system designed to circumvent both Russia and Iran in the days leading up to the Georgian war. That was what pushed Putin to invade. And we continued that policy, trying to cut Russia out of the oil and gas system ever since. That is designed to bankrupt the Russian government and allow the plutocrats - the international banks, the carpet-bagging tech people, the "green energy" mopes, etc. to move in and exploit the country. They have long lusted after Russia, seeking to carve her up like a Thanksgiving turkey. So many of OUR actions led to this. And our arms merchants have grown rich in the international arms trade and the winding down of Middle Eastern war meant they were losing money.

Somebody needed to get a major war going. It serves so many purposes for the political left and the international community. It hides Joe Biden's sins.

He says the Ukrainians have been showing "breathtaking resiliance". Well duh! With the arms we've been sending they should. The Contras in Nicaragua did too with our backing. So did the Taliban in Afghanistan during the eighties. It's not that hard.

What we are doing is opening the door to another very bloody century. This won't go away in Russia, even if Putin goes down. The Russian People will hold a grudge over this.

Where they let the fall of the Soviet Union go (they never liked it) they won't let this humiliation slide. If you want to create another Hitler this is the way to go about it.

This situation looks much like Europe at the outbreak of WWI. And we are making the very same mistakes.

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