February 28, 2019

The Progressives Reconstruction

Timothy Birdnow

Pat Buchanan wrote a logical article about reparations for slavery at The American Conservative, and I was going to ignore it (having covered much of this myself here at the Aviary) but then I came across this comment and I had to reply.

First, we have this:

Daniel (not Larrison) says:
February 27, 2019 at 7:43 am

Pat rightly points out the inherent difficulties in such a scheme, even if one accepts the premises.

A far more practical system would be an inheritance tax that is not based on race. This tax could then be used for general government (which benefits all), or, if you like, to provide "leveling” benefits for those born into poverty (regardless of race): such as funding public schools in poor communities/give educational vouchers to the poor, college tuition/trade schooling, provide assistance for small business start-ups, etc.

If conservatives truly preach the "by your bootstraps” narrative, benefiting from unearned inheritance doesn’t fit well with a pure meritocracy. And if liberals truly preach racial equality, giving to the poor regardless of race would seem consistent.

People benefiting from the good deeds of their ancestors–or being punished for their bad deeds–is completely unethical in most people’s views (as well as blatantly unconstitutional "corruption of blood”).

But for years Republicans have decried the "death tax”, and for years Democrats have preached racial discrimination with programs such as affirmative action.

But please Democrats, preach such a blatantly discriminatory, unconstitutional, and totally unworkable program where a simpler solution (that, though resisted by many wealthy, could be supported by the majoriity). Keep preaching it, and keep losing elections because of it. You make it an actual dilemma to choose if Trump is worse for the country than you.

Then my reply:

Ah, now we have it! Basically Daniel (not Larrison) is calling for backdoor socialism as a form of reparations. Is that what the Media and their Democratic allies are really plotting here?

There's no workable way to do it, so we have to take from everybody and give to everybody who hasn't earned it!

Indeed, that is likely the only way to go about this; restructure America into a more communal society so as to pay our debt to former slaves through a new type of reconstruction.

In fact, Reconstruction was the physical effort to rebuilt the South after the Civil War and it never really succeeded as well as the radicals in new England and elsewhere in the North had planned; they wanted to fundamentally transform the South, ending the old agrarian and aristocratic society, to make it into a subservient clone of the Progressive North. They had big plans. But economic and political pressures largely ended the scheme, and eventually the South - now impoverished by the plucking of her feathers by carpetbaggers and a radical Republican Congress - reasserted itself. Oh, it was not the Antebellum South; the aristocracy was largely dead and gone. It was a new South, and it came to embody the values and virtues of the United States. But the Progressives in New England and the other north eastern states continued to slide to the Left and they continue to seek to reimpose Reconstruction. Now they want to make us into an European style socialist state. And Reparations are a fine way to do it!

Remember, Obama spoke of his love for America then promised to fundamentally transform her. Strange kind of love, that. But it is exactly the kind of conditional love a Progressive has. Do as I say and we'll be the best of friends! Obama was only elocuting an old, old policy of the people who gave us Reconstruction. In fact, these are the same people who ultimately gave us the Salem Witch Trials and everything else. They were the Puritans, the austere, rigid religionists. They simply removed God from their religion and placed the State in His stead.

This is a battle that has been fought far longer than we have had labels for it, and it has been an endless one-way aggression. There was a time when at least the Left promoted some decent things - like an end to slavery. But now they promote power for power's sake only. Their dreams of fundamentally altering America mean altering her People and in fact eliminating them so we are all citizens of the World, so there will be no borders, no Heaven or Hell, no Religion (as John Lennon said). These are real goals, and a few eggs will have to be cracked to make that particular omelet.

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