November 20, 2020

The Myth Covid-19 Doesn't Discriminate

James Doogue

Ours government's will learn they can only continue a lie for so long.

Apart from New South Wales, where they have an adult in charge, Australian State premiers have lost all credibility on Covid-19. Only the willfully ignorant don't know that only the frail elderly, and medically vulnerable need to fear Covid-19.

Stop telling us this disease doesn't discriminate. It absolutely does!

Sure we've seen the rare youngish, healthy looking 'survivor' describe how they went to hell and back. Often they have underlying respiratory issues such as asthma, or drug use or smoking damage. There's very little evidence of actual young, healthy people dying of Covid-19. Read the medical literature!

Sometimes young people who die are found to have Covid-19. But that's not the same.

There was the case of a 19 year old in the US who had a negative Covid-19 test two days before collapsing with cardiac arrest. He was found to have myocarditis -- an inflammation of the heart muscle. He went into a coma and spent four weeks in multiple hospitals. While in hospital he tested positive for Covid-19 before he passed away. His death was included as a Covid-19 death with no direct evidence Covid-19 caused the death. Yet that's how it was reported, to scare other teenagers.

In Australia we've had similar cases. In May Australia's youngest Covid-19 death was reported as a 30 year old Queensland man.

The man's partner found him 'unresponsive' and he died shortly after. He was tested positive for Covid-19 in the hospital. He had apparently been suffering 'symptoms' for a while. His partner was also suffering 'symptoms' and was isolated. She later tested negative for Covid-19. His case was used as a cautionary tale for all young Australians.

Nobody mentioned his obesity and long term drug use. The QLD Chief Health officer Jeannette Young said the man was believed to have been sick with symptoms for several weeks and had a "complicated" medical history.

She said it was not known how he contracted the virus but he had become the "youngest" victim in Australia.

"You then get into semantics about what was the trigger and what was the cause. Any person who dies, who is infected with COVID-19, we declare it as a COVID-19 related death," Dr Young said

An announcement by Victorian premier Mr Dan Andrews on August 14 that a man in his 20s was among the latest 14 COVID-19 victims shocked many and sparked national headlines. "We are talking about the youngest person that has died of this virus......."

That's the message the politicians pushed and the media ran with. The report in September that senior health officials thought he may have died from another cause, possibly a drug overdose, didn't get much coverage.

Under federal Health Department guidelines, a death is defined for surveillance purposes as COVID-19-related if the person dies with the virus and there is no clear alternative cause of death, such as trauma.

Australia's National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System has recorded no COVID-19 related deaths for anyone aged in their 20s or below. The database shows a handful of deaths of people aged in their 30s, while the majority of those who have died have been aged 80 and over.

Covid-19 does not have a statistically significant record of killing young individuals or even healthy individuals. The government don't want to tell us this, but eventually the public will twig.

The government should stop insisting we lock everything and everyone down at every Covid-19 outbreak.

The government should provide strong guidelines for those who should self-isolate in the event of an outbreak. Everyone else should be allowed to go about their lives with sensible precautions.

But what about the Covid-19 disaster overseas? Yes you can point to growing infections and even deaths in countries overseas but:

- They aren't Australia, our situation is different.

- The countries which have been strict implementing lockdowns and mandated masks, don't seem to have performed any better than those which haven't.

- Western countries not only have a higher elderly population, but also very significant numbers across all age groups with life-style cause co-morbidity issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, coranory and lung disease.

- Most infections are asymptomatic or mild.

- The accuracy of both antigen and molecular type Covid-19 tests have been questioned for the number of false positives being produced.

- The literature is still telling us that only frail elderly, and medically vulnerable people need be concerned. Anyone else will have little or mild symptoms.

That doesn't mean that like with normal influenza and other viruses, you can have a bad dose, you can even suffer post Viral Syndrome where symptoms hand around for a while, but that is rare, and we can't lock down society for that as we'd be permanently locked down.

If we keep telling younger, healthy people they must lock down because Covid-19 is deadly, they will eventuallyl figure out the lie.

Then don't be surprised when they stop obeying the lock down, social distancing and mandated mask orders.

Pictures: St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Victoria, on Thursday night.

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