June 13, 2019

The Last Laugh is on Smollett

Jack Kemp

What We’ve Learned about Jussie Smollett

From the article:


A funny thing happened during Smollett’s victory lap: Chicago reporters obtained communications from police and prosecutors after a judge unsealed the case file. These records included texts Smollett sent that were obtained by police. The picture of Smollett that has emerged is considerably more detailed now: He had himself a rip-roaring good time while he was planning to make himself look like the victim of a nasty assault. He is brazen. He is smug. He is without doubt a liar, and a liar who preys on Americans’ natural sympathy for racial and sexual minorities. In the church of identity politics, what Smollett did is the equivalent of stealing from the widows-and-orphans box.
Smollett’s phone records show that for months he repeatedly bought cocaine, Ecstasy, and marijuana from the brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, which he paid for via Paypal and Venmo, and that he wanted to meet with the brothers "face to face” to discuss "planning,” presumably for the fake attack.


Yet the decision by prosecutor Kim Foxx to let Smollett skate has probably maximized damage to his career. Because he didn’t have to plead guilty, Smollett mistakenly thinks the public sees him as innocent. Instead the public quite rightly thinks of him as a con artist, and of itself as the victim of a fraud. Had he pleaded guilty, he could now follow the well-established Hollywood formula for crafting a redemption arc. He could blame the drugs for messing up his mind, go into rehab, then perform a tearful, anguished mea culpa for Gayle King.


Smollett had a calculated plan to enrich himself by making fools of Americans, and those who eagerly complied were left red-faced with humiliation that turned to anger.

Dana Mathewson adds:

Why are we not surprised?

The thing that occurs to me is that he apparently didn't for one minute think his plan could fail. He obviously isn't very smart. Here he was, obviously having NOT been beaten up and with nothing in his "plan" to credibly explain why the "attack" stopped. He said "They just stopped." In real life that doesn't happen. They'd have stopped once they'd beaten him senseless -- or somebody'd come along and beaten THEM senseless. Or chased them away with a gun, such as... cops.

A word from Tim:

Yeah; not very bright. I suppose he figured the media would carry his water for him - and that prosecutor wouldn''t bring charges. Also, given his mother's best friend is Angela Davis, the Communist terrorist now teaching in California, I suspect he wasn't the original planner, at least not in total.

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