March 28, 2016

The Large Homo Collider; Can Physics be Gay or Homophobic?

Timothy Birdnow

Apparently the Hadron Super Collider breeds homophobia. Enough so, in fact, that many liberal news outlets are calling it the Large Homophobic Collider. I didn't know physics or research tools were either gay or discriminatory.

From The Reference Frame:

To make the story short, the reason is that at least one employer of CERN – Aidan Randle-Conde (whose name has appeared on TRF many times, e.g. here where I couldn't agree about his tirade against combos) – has been whining that not every other employee of CERN has been taking his posters promoting assorted sodomy festivals seriously. Someone wrote "Schwein" (or a logo of a pig) and even a quote from the Bible on his posters. It's an unacceptable campaign of hate and intolerance, Aidan whines.


You know, there is a question whether any solidly non-scientific posters (posters promoting any parties, for example) should be allowed at places that belong to the whole CERN, a research organization. But if organizers of LGBT parties such as Aidan are allowed to add posters, it's obvious that those who think or realize that LGBT is a deviation – and the Christians in particular – must be allowed to do the same. It's imaginable that people agree that Aidan has the right to place LGBT posters on the CERN notice boards. But he clearly can't have a monopoly over these notice boards.

Organizing LGBT parties and inviting the CERN community to them is a highly controversial thing. If you're not capable of dealing with the controversy, with the fact that billions of people on Earth and thousands of CERN employees consider you a pig – and most of the latter just politely stay silent as long as you avoid active provocations – then you simply shouldn't do such things. You shouldn't provoke because by the third Newton's law, actions produce reactions.

Surely quotes from the Bible, a book defining our civilization, haven't become less kosher than festivals of sodomy, have they? Sometimes, I am not sure about the answer anymore. A black Christian graduate student who wrote the same verse from Leviticus ("If a man lies with a male as with a woman… they shall surely be put to death") on his private Facebook page was recently expelled from Sheffield University. I agree with 90+ percent of the British commenters over there who think that this terror against the Christian is unacceptable. Some of them point out that even the fact that the university was apparently checking his personal Facebook page is absolutely sick.

End excerpt.

Funny how this sort of thing goes one way; if you oppose promoting something that is protected by political correctness you are a bigot/homophobe/Nazi whereas you can insult a Christian or devout Jew all day long.

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