August 02, 2022

The Incredible Shrinking Biden

Timothy Birdnow

I had to take my father to get a tooth extracted yesterday and after we watched Joe Biden on Fox News discussing the droning of Al Zawahiri.

Biden sounded terrible. His speech was hesitant, as if he were searching for words. He slurred. He seemed to not know what he was doing. He is showing all the classic signs of a man in the throes of dementia.

It is a horrible thing to see the President of the United States degenerate in this fashion. I think the way he has been used by everyone - including his wife - is disgraceful.

Not that I have any soft spot for Mr. Biden. He's destroying America for his own aggrandizement and profit. But I do sympathize. It's a horrible thing, dementia. I've said a few prayers for him and hope everyone else does likewise.

BTW Does anyone else find the timing of this assassination uh, convenient for the Democrats? Biden needed a big win somehwere. The Donkeys had to have something they could tout going into the home stretch of the off-year election.

This leads me to believe they had Al Zawacannolongerhearie in their sites for months, waiting for an opportune time. Kill him too early and it loses it's political benefit, too late and it overshadows the campaigns of the Democrats.

Still, I'm glad they turned the old Aymin to worm food. It's the most beneficial use for him.

Of course you know this means war. There will be a reprisal. And I doubt Mr. Biden will be up for handling it.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi is showing signs of chickening out of going to Taiwan, but now she has little choice. If she decides not to go Biden himself should, or at least Kamala Harris. Somone has to go at this point.

And the Chicoms are promising retribution. So what do they do? Probably aid Al Qaeda to launch a counter strike on us.

Now is not the time to have a senile President. We need someone who can outthink our enemies. Sadly, I rather doubt Mr. Biden can outthink a head of cabbage at this point.

We need prayers for him and for America, now more than ever.

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1 First of all, this is the third time we have announced the assassination of this clown. Were the first two times lies, or is this one a lie? Maybe all three were lies.

Secondly, I’d like some proof. The timing is, as you say, awfully convenient.

Third, the guy is old as hell and has not been involved in Islamic militancy for at least a dozen years. What is the point in killing him? Revenge? That is barbaric.

Fourth, in order to get him we blew up an apartment building in downtown Kabul, in an expensive residential area. When someone blows up buildings in the United States are outraged and call it "terrorism.” When we blow up buildings in the heart of a city in other countries we call it "justice..” It’s all a matter of definitions, like "recession” and "vaccine.”

Posted by: Bill H at August 02, 2022 09:28 AM (Q7br2)

2 I have to agree with you here, Bill. Or maybe "Al Zawahiri" is as common a name "over there" as Joe Smith is here?

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at August 02, 2022 04:43 PM (z7Oco)

3 Excellent points all Bill.

You can believe little from this lawless junta or their lying propaganda wing called the media.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at August 03, 2022 07:06 AM (iRhWq)

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