March 31, 2021

The Immigration Trap

Timothy Birdnow

David Redfern posted a meme on Facebook about, well, here it is:

Ricky Gervais on Muhammad cartoon controversy: ‘Blasphemy? F***ing Blasphemy? It’s 2021 for f***s sake.’

I reply:

Therein lies the West's problem David; we THINK this is past but it's not in a large swath of the world.Too many in the Western World believe we are all just alike and that is far from the truth. It's why so many on the leftern side of things want to bring Muslims into our countries; they think they are just the same as we, just a little bit darker and eating different food. They don't understand there are large differences in how they think compared to how we think. A Western man sees a pretty girl and thinks "I'm glad to have seen her" while a Muslim man sees one and thinks "that infidel harlot!" and perhaps tries to rape her for her sins.

David says:

Agree entirely, other than I don't think it's the West's problem. I think the west is the answer, just not the route we're travelling at the moment.

We have largely eliminated 'casual' barbarism by enacting laws to protect the individual, no matter their race, religion or colour. Quite an accomplishment in, probably, less than 200 years.

The Muslim faith is embalmed in segregation, to the extent they discriminate against their own depending on their interpretation of their faith. Nor do I mean extremists, the Sunni and Shia sects are often pitted against one another.

The faiths casual barbarism is also legendary; stoning women victims of rape to death, accepting political violence as a legitimate solution to problems; taking juveniles as wives; accepting that female war captives as slaves etc.

And yet in the 200 years the west has taken to eliminate these appalling violations of the individual, the Muslim faith has barely budged in it's approach to humanity.

As for all the 'peaceful' Muslims we all hear about but never see, they stand by and watch their brethren continue to impose their oppressive behaviours on everyone around them. Very evident in the Batley affair in Yorkshire where an RE teacher was sacked for showing his class the Charlie Hebdo images of Allah.

No condemnation of the dozens of traditionally dressed and suitably bearded men blockading the school entrance, by other Muslims. Certainly none of their wives dragging the men away because their children's education was being disrupted more than it has been already by Covid.

Nope, just the usual, ideological, male, religious zealots being allowed to disrupt a community they chose to join, and which they now want to change.

200 years of progress at risk from religious adherents.

In a different age the Christian community would be Crusading against them. Now we stand impotently by.

I add:

David I agree completely. When I said it was the "Wests Problem" I meant that it is this myopia, this unwillingness to judge, that is going to be our downfall. Islam is what it is. It started as a warrior cult, and from the very beginning expanded by the sword when it could and by infiltration and subversion when it had to. It hasn't changed. Indeed, it cannot change because the Koran is seen as written word for word by Allah (as opposed to inspired as the Jews and Christians see the Bible) and how do you argue with passages that tell you to terrorize the infidel? If God himself wrote that you don't. So Islam won't change. The problem is now the West thinks people are people and that we all want the same things and that just isn't true. There are those who want to die killing kids in a pizza parlor, for example. We don't have that in the West except under very rare instances involving mental health issues.

David replied:

The difference between the origins of the Quran and the Bible is an extremely good point. One I admit I hadn't really considered, which betrays my lack of religious education.

Our politicians need to abandon the insane drive for globalism. Mankind is tribalist by nature, forcing round pegs into square holes just will not work.

And whilst there is always a need for immigration and emigration, it needs to be properly controlled. Those fleeing from persecution and war have their own obligation to sort out their own communities and politics.

David Redfern, I would heartily agree.

Christianity and Judaism split over the interpretation of certain passages in the Old Testament. Jews believed they were referring to Israel the country and the Christians said these passages referred to the person of the Messiah. The Jews and Christians could argue about this because both sides agreed the Bible was inspired and not dictated, and as such was open to distortions and misinterpretations. The Koran cannot be seen that way, as it is considered to have been dictated by Allah to Muhammed word for word. As a result you cannot reform anything; there is no justification for disagreeing with anything there.

I couldn't agree more; Globalism is a terrible idea, a noose around Mankind's neck. Everything that makes life worth living stems from the panorama of cultures and traditions and experiences. Globalism is an attempt to straightjacket everyone into a bland, formless, colorless existence. If you want to see how it works just look at the old Soviet Empire; everyone wore the same clothes, used the same products, lived colorless, empty lives. It's the inevitable outcome of trying to make everyone equal; in the end everyone becomes alike, and dies of boredom.

And you're right; those seeking refuge have duties. Part of the problem in Central America (and in North Africa) is that there is no need to reform the homelands of these peoples. The "problem" can be outsourced to the West. So if there are major crime problems in Honduras, why take the risk of fighting it when it's easier to just send everyone away? Nothing will ever change as long as that is happening. Meanwhile, why should people who want "a better life" be given priority over the needs of the host nation? Or over the desires of those who cannot make the journey? I mean, why can't a citizen of Rwanda stroll into the U.S., if a Honduran can?

In the end unrestrained immigration means the ruin of nations. We've seen it happen multiple times. India is one example; they were forever being settled by newcomers, and they were in a constant state of war. There never was any sort of Indian nation so much as a collection of states. In the end they were too busy fighting each-other to resist anyone else. And that continues today with fighting between Muslims and Hindus in both India proper and with Pakistan and Bengladesh. We saw it with Rome, which was destroyed by a peaceful migration of Germanic Peoples into the Empire (which was peaceful and prosperous). The Germans pulled the western empire apart. We saw it with the Germanic invasions of Britain; the Britons were driven out of their own country by the invading Angles and Saxons. The Japanese were not the original inhabitants of Japan, but rather a caucasian people called the Ainu. They are pretty much gone now. Ditto the American Indians.

In recent years we've seen it in places like Lebanon, which was a healthy, vibrant society until the Palestinians came in as peaceful refugees and took over. Now Lebanon is pretty much an Islamic hell-hole and the unique culture of Lebanon is largely in ruins.

All immigration is not good. And some cultures are worth preserving, and some aren't. Western civilization most definitely is worth saving. But it will die if it cannot find the will to defend itself against this onslaught of barbarism.

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4 David Redfern posted a meme on Facebook about, well, here it is:

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