November 29, 2022

The Great Biden Success Story

Michael Smith

I keep hearing from the leftist pundits on the cable networks that Biden isn't getting credit for his success. I finally realized that he is successful in their eyes for implementing his agenda, whether his agenda is successful, they won't debate.

But it isn't. It won't achieve what it is intended to achieve - the complete transformation of the American hydrocarbon based economy to run on Unicorn pee or end racism (or any of their chosen "ism's) because the approach is just wrong in every possible way. Unicorn pee is no substitute for oil and gas and discriminating harder against targeted unfavored groups is still discrimination.

But they think it is success anyway because actual success doesn't matter, it is all about the agenda.

Tim adds:

Michael, I think your assumption is wrong. You assume Biden and the Progressives want to transform the way we power our nation. They do, but not in the way everyone thinks. They want to limit our energy consumption, not replace it. With limitations they can control who gets energy and who does not, and by that they can control how we live, where we live, how we move about, what we eat, and ultimately what we think and believe.

Google Hydraulic Empire; a Hydraulic Empire was a totalitarian state where the emperor/
Pharoah/what have you controlled the waterways and as a result controlled water. He could cut it off to any who did not toe the line. A province in rebellion would wither and die if they lost water. Egypt and China are two prime examples. What the Progressives want to do is cut off our electricity and gas, then dole it out as they see fit. We either toe the line or shiver in the dark.

As a result they have no interest in actually replacing oil or gas as a fundamental energy source so much as getting us to accept a Trojan Horse that will kill the current energy system, then replace it with an inadequate one that they then will heavily regulate. They can force everyone back into the cities, into corrals like cattle. Force everyone onto public transit. Institute a social credit score as in China and reduce our energy based on a bad score.

Global Warming was a brilliant trick to allow them to do this. Now that the young people all buy into this doomsday scenario they know they have us, and they will institute the "green energy" scheme.

We are allowing them to build a prison. Heck; we're building it for them.

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1 Well put Timothy. What's amazing is that they are persuading us to build our own prison and cheer about living in it.

Posted by: Bill H at November 30, 2022 12:09 AM (Q7br2)

2 Thanks Bill. Exactly. Many are entusiastic about being in the prison, and hope to be trustees there.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at November 30, 2022 09:16 AM (77CjM)

3 them to build a prison. Heck; we're building it for them.

Posted by: Breitling Replica at May 23, 2023 06:39 AM (SUYyh)

4 whether his agenda is successful, they won't debate.

Posted by: Breitling Replica at May 23, 2023 06:45 AM (SUYyh)

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