December 03, 2023

The Foolish Parson

Timothy Birdnow

The Missouri state legislature is considering a bill that would prevent the state from taking Palestinian "refugees". Unfortunately Missouri's idiot Republican governor is threatening to veto the bill.

Parsons, an Evangelical Christian, no doubt believes it is our Christian duty to take these thugs in because, like, refugees and all. He understands only one half of the passage in the Gospel of Matthew:

" be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves"

He's obviously lovey-dovey but his wisdom seems sorely lacking.

Even if any of these people are in fact real refugees there will be a large admixture of terrorists coming in with them. We have no way to vet any of these people.

Also, it does nothing but increase the number of Muslims in America. That is not a good thing; when Muslims reach 10% of the population, history has shown, they invariably start demanding Sharia Law be imposed, and in fact impose it themselves. The nations of Europe that have allowed a lot of Muslim in - France, Sweden, etc. now suffer from Islamic abuses - terrorist attacks, murders, rapes, etc. Britain too.

Furthermore these are just more people who do not love or believe in America coming here to "do the work of remaking America" as Barack Obama used to say. We don't want American remade into an Islamic hell-hole.

America does not need any more immigrants. There are 49 MILLION of them here now - more than Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, and a host of other countries. We cannot enculturate the ones we have. Joe Biden has let over 8 million in himself. And now we're going to bring a bunch of Palestinians?

Why can't we build a settlement camp somewhere outside the U.S. to temporarily house these people? Why must they come here and be shipped to Red State Missouri?

I was watching a "point/counterpoint" show called Hancock and Kelly. Both men seemed to agree we need immigrants (we don't). Hancock, a former Speaker of the Missouri House, was a bit more reluctant to take these people than was Mike Kelly, but both pretty much thought Missouri had no right to deal with this "immigration is a Federal issue". The Feds control the BORDER but have no authority over the state in this regard. OF COURSE Missouri can ban these people!

I once wrote a piece for American Thinker about Missouri's strict immigration laws and how they helped keep Missouri from being overrun (as is happening to neighboring Illinois). At the time the Biden DOJ was suing Arizona for laws that were almost identical to Federal laws on immigration - and very similar to ones in Missouri. Arizona lost in court, but not because they were enforcing laws inside their state but because they were enforcing border laws. Missouri never faced any legal action over it's residency laws and those laws are still in place.

So the Governor has no real legal justification to oppose this, and Hancock and Kelly are wrong in saying the state has no right to stop certain people from coming.

We did this before. During the Obama Administration there was a move to bring Syrians to Missouri. St. Louis wanted them because the city is losing so many people and they hoped to repopulate decimated communities. Catholic Charities never met a dirtbag they didn't want to settle next door to good people. And the International Institute here has always been a big advocate for anyone who hates America.

And this didn't just happen in Missouri, but all over the country.

That was just a few short years ago. Now the political class thinks we can't do such a thing. Amazing how much the thinking has changed in those few years.

The sad thing is Missouri is cherry red. The Governor, and both houses of the legislature, are Republican. In fact the GOP has a supermajority in Congress. Yet the Governor is rubber-spined and cowardly and won't fight for Missouri.

Parsons became governor when Eric "the shutterbug" Greitens was forced to resign in a shameful act of political terrorism by Democrats and no Republican pushback. He won election easily, for reasons that are baffling to me (the man has the personality of a turnip and his RINO leanings make him a feckless and pale champion for the GOP). Fortunately the Big Zero is term-limited since he served more than two years of Greiten's term.

So he's going to take Missouri down with him, I suppose.

At any rate, there is no sane reason to take a bunch of Hamas-loving Palestinians into our state.

We should resettle them at Guantanamo Bay. The prison at Gitmo is closed anyway. Why not send these folks there for now, until they can be repatriated? This was will end in months, at most.

After the Mariel Boatlift in 1979 Jimmy Carter realized he'd been duped by Castro, who sent a bunch of criminals to America rather than dissidents. Carter at least realized his mistake and after that made refugees go to Gitmo. Thousands of Cubans were housed there awaiting admission to the U.S. There is no reason we can't do that with Palestinians.

In fact we should be able to use a number of military bases outside the U.S. Guam perhaps. Or build a camp on one of the Aleutian islands. But we should not in any way just ship them into the interior of the U.S.

The population of the U.S. is 330 million. We are the third most populous nation on Earth, behind China and India.That was before Biden took in eight million illegals (and probably more we don't know about). At what point do we turn the "No Vacancy" sign on and close?

Christian charity is not a suicide pact. We do not have to lose our nation to be like Jesus.

Immigration control is in fact Biblical.

When the prophet Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem with the blessing of the Persian king the first thing he did was build a wall to protect the city. Walls were fairly common in those days, and for a reason; to keep unwanted people out.

The Israelites also absorbed many groups by forcing them to become Jews or die. So this notion it is somehow unbiblical to not allow the country to be overrun and that we had to take in people who undoubtedly will include terrorists and do so at our expense is not justifiable. God Himself told Israel to do it that way.

Yes, the ancient Israelites were ordered to treat resident aliens as they would themselves. BUT A gertoshav - resident alien - had to follow the 7 Laws of Noah which included prohibitions against blasphemy, idolatry, adultery, bloodshed, theft, and eating the blood of a living animal . In other words, they had to behave like Jews to no small degree.

That isn't happening here and won't as these Islamic peoples have no intention of being Americans.

I wish Mike Parson and the other wishy-washy meek Christian republicans would actually read the WHOLE Bible and understand it. We are under no obligation to settle potential terrorists in the middle of our country. Nor are we legally required to help the Biden Administration in it's quest to erase the America we knew.

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1 Like Tim and I were talking yesterday, in another vein; relocate these people to Baffin Island.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at December 03, 2023 11:49 PM (ISUTu)

2 You got it Dana; save a fortune on air conditioning.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at December 04, 2023 08:48 AM (P3lYr)

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