June 12, 2018

The Democrats Need the Anti-Semites

Jack Kemp

The Money Quote:

It is important to note that the majority of blacks, Hispanics, feminists, and millennials are not anti-Semitic. The Democrats could theoretically call out and expel the haters, as Republicans do. In reality, they depend on lockstep voting blocs and can’t afford to lose a few percent. They rely on 90% of the black vote. They need the Somali vote to win Minnesota.


The full article:

A note from Tim:

I just can't understand why so many Jews continue to support the Democrats and indeed so many different anti-Semitic groups. I keep expecting them to awaken, but they don't show any signs of doing so soon.

Black anti-Semitism is a real thing and it is, in my opinion, quite bizarre. Jews have been great friends to the blacks. They helped promote civil rights and continue to do so to this day. In many ghetto communities they open the only businesses serving the areas (and subsequently have them torched by the likes of Al Sharpton). It is said that there is no one more hated then a benefactor. That is entirely too true in this instance.

For a long time being black meant never having to say you're sorry - or at fault. I guess if you are taught never to accept blame for your condition you have to find a scapegoat, and you know some Jewish merchants running a grocery store or whatnot in your neighborhood you have an easy target. Ir MUST be those evil Jews stole all your wealth by selling you groceries! It's not your fault you are poor and never had a job! It must be those rich white people, particularly those Jews!

The sad thing is it's the Democrats and their Progressive "friends" that are the source of much of their misery in the ghetto. But as long as they give them free stuff the black community will continue to support them; who wants to be forced to work hard and earn your way when somebody will give you something for a simple vote?

If Jews aren't worried about rising anti-Semitism they are making a huge mistake. And if they think it's some white hillbilly problem they need to think again. Their support for Progressivism and the Democrats is going to come back to bite them hard.

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