July 31, 2021

The Death of Common Sense

This from Chester McAteer:

It's happened before, but never on the scale it is happening today...common sense has become uncommon. Despite some exceptions, common sense was generally practiced and shared to a large degree within society, but for some inexplicable reason that common glue has deteriorated and for the life of me I can't put my finger on the actual cause. I do, however, have the gut-feeling that it's serious and ultimately dangerous.

It's as though an odd way of thinking has infiltrated the minds of many, eradicating the ability to not only think rationally, but to even recognize rational thinking or common sense. There is almost a crumbling of the most basic common rules that we, as a society, once held in common and we no longer seem to share or even experience in the same way.

This is a time of apparent confusion, a haze of darkness seems to cover the horizon, hopelessness creeps into the minds of many while looking for someone to save them from all that they fear. Again, I can't really explain what's happening but I've been getting the sense of it for well over a decade.

As I said, it is dangerous for a large portion of the population to lose the direction that a shared common sense provides; it is at such times that people accept absurdities, they are moved by the mentality of the hive rather than as rational individuals. During periods such as this people look for the wrong saviour, and accept anything that offers a glimmer of hope. During such periods totalitarianism easily takes root as is evident in the past, for people misplace their faith and grasp for anything that sounds plausible even if it's not. Be wary of the unseen, that's where unscrupulous power-seekers lurk, be ever-aware the intricacies of deception being employed to push society toward a destination that, as the past demonstrates, will be inhumane and dystopian.

Tim adds:

Government run education and the radicalization of higher education is largely to blame. What people would believe if they were uneducated or were educated with a neutral political/social/philosophical approach (as is true in many private schools) doesn't kill common sense.

 There is actually a war on common sense by the Left, since it is the biggest obstacle to overcome before they can implement their insane ideas. Couple that with the obscene wealth in modern society which makes it possible for the young to not face harsh realities or have to accept responsibility and we have the perfect storm. The young seem to live in a dream world where everything just magically appears. They are angry because some have more then do they, and their solution is the one provided by their teachers - socialism.

As has been attributed to Chesterton "when a man stops believing in God he doesn't believe in nothing, he believes in anything". That is another cause of the loss of common sense; we've pretty much rejected our old Christian and Jewish beliefs (which included such things as Natural Law, the existence of a concrete reality independent of the individual, and the assumption that truth is knowable and independent of the observer) and have replace that with a kind of nihilistic agnosticism where the State is the new Church and the end result is there can be no common sense; everyone's internal meanderings are as good as any external observable phenomenon.

So nobody questions when a guy in a dress says he's named Chelsea and is actually a nine year old schoolgirl, even though he's fifty years old with a beard. There can be common sense under such conditions.

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