December 27, 2018

The Cult of Ginsburg

Fay Voshell

I thought you guys might be interested in Politico's take on the Ginsburg cult.  I was interested to see the Left sees what we see; though of course, their conclusions are very different.

Why We Should Worry About the Cult of RBG

Dana Mathewson adds:

Since this article is from Politico, I wasn't surprised to see "inaccuracies" in it. But "... Scalia ... creating a new individual right to bear arms?" Scalia did no such thing. He merely reinforced the Second Amendment, because he understood the individual right to bear arms which was explained (perhaps not strongly enough) there. Indeed, the Founders could not conceive of a situation where the citizens would question it, and that amendment almost got left out.

Tim adds:

Funny; Politico ignores the fact that the Left started the whole politicization of the courts in the first place. I guess Earl Warren was a Constitutionalist? In fact, they created this whole notion of the Constitution as "a living, breathing document" so as to overturn it. And then they have the gall to accuse conservatives like Antonin Scalia of being activist!

I think this "cult of Gin-soaked, er, Ginsburg is evidence the Left is growing desperate, as they have been exposed, traipsed naked in front of the American People, and they are desperate for an ideologically pure heroine - especially one who managed to eat out the body politic like a cancer as Rut Ginny has done.

Ah! The good old days when leftists could just hide behind black robes and positive media coverage!

And this tells us much about the minds of the Left:

"But in the larger Ginsburg mythology, she’s a symbol of everything that’s foul and corrupt in Trump-era Washington; her history as a fighter, her constancy, her aged wisdom all combine to make her a kind of priestess for a younger generation."

End quote.

Indeed, the Left does see her as a high priestess, a sort of Oracle of Dufi, er, Delphi. As Fay has pointed out, politics is the religion of modern America and especially these people, and it should not surprise us that RBG is being beatified by the Progressive movement.

My jaw dropped open when I read the Politico article's claim that liberals hold due process and equality under the law dear and Trump is somehow the antithesis; a big part of Trump's appeal was he threatened to hold Hillary and Bill Clinton accountable for their crimes, be they the Uranium one deal, the selling of State Department policy, or Hillary's misuse of classified information via her private server - which she wiped with bleachbit when the server was subpoena'd. And Politico has the gall to claim TRUMP is against due process and equality under the law!

The Left made everything political. The old Soviet Union did that, banning any sort of art, for instance, that was not openly political. And that was not just the USSR; in modern America we have been overwhelmed by liberals such as Stephen Colbert who are ostensibly late night entertainers but in reality have hyper-partisan shows that do nothing but insult conservatives and Americans. And to say there have been boundaries of propriety that existed for decades? Does anybody remember Obama calling his opponents "bitter clinge3rs" and has made innumerable insults to both the American People and to conservatives in general. And he insulted Trump repeatedly. But it was Trump who started all the acrimony! Nobody seems to remember Bill Clinton saying conservatives caused the Oklahoma City bombing (even though McViegh was raised in a Democratic, union family.)

This is hardly new; who remembers the vile ad run by Democrats against Barry Goldwater in which an atom bomb explodes where a little girl was picking flowers in a field and Goldwater's face was in the bomb? Sure; the Democrats and Left have always been SOOO civil!

But Politico wants us all to forget these facts. And what of the Special Prosecutors investigating Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush? What of the endless investigations of George W. Bush? Everyone knew who leaked Valerie Plame's name but people went to jail anyway. That is the "comity" that Politico wants us to believe never happened.

Still, they ALMOST get it in the end, admitting that RBG got her start precisely because she was able to get a fair shake and that John Roberts came out against Trump.

I do think it's interesting that they realize old Ginny isn't the star to hook their wagons onto.

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