June 07, 2024

The Craven Hannity

Timothy Birdnow

I caught Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday. I've never thought Hannity was top tier and he proved by arguing about how we need to be the bigger men and "rule of law" and other inanities when discussing whether we should use the Democrats own lawfare tactics.

What a dope! Sadly he's probably where the majority of Republicans remain, despite the endless and repeated abuses of power by the Democrats.

We cannot win if we don't fight, and we can't fight if the other side cheats and we don't. It's like trying to win an ice hockey game when we don't have skates or pads or sticks and they do.

Moralizing feels good and it is indeed sad it has come to this but the aggressor sets the rules of engagement and we can fight back in kind or die. We are going to die because Hannity and others don't care to sully themselves with the filth of this sort of political action. They will then thump their chests and say how "we tried our best" and take solace in their Ashley Wilkes nobility from the gulag.

Look,we already are fighting with both hands tied behind our backs. They have control of all the means of the dissemination of information. They have control of the money. They have control of the govrnment. We struggle to get our message out and were it not for a few brave souls they would be unopposed. We are in a mop-up situation after the Revolution (which occurred under Obama) and STILL our side can't understand the need to fight. Hannity SHOULD BE one of those brave souls getting our message out and fighting for us. He does get some of it out but when crunch time comes he shows himself to be just another sniveling RINO, a man who is more concerned with playing by their rules so as to keep what he has than in actually saving America and her way of life.

If we let them get away with this they will do it again and again and again. Why not? The only way to put this djinn back in the bottle is to attack them in retaliation in the exact same way. Only by everyone fearing the terrible consequences of this can we put a stop to it.

We are at war yet too many still think this is a gentleman's disagreement. It's not; they are trying to destroy us. When the law no longer rpresents justice but is a weapon it becomes time to nullify the law, just as a jury may do when the law is abusing someone who does not deserve it. Time for nullification.

And it's time we stop listening to guys like Hannity and find someone who understand the mortal peril we find ourselves in.

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