December 24, 2022

The Color Revolution Run on Trump

This from Ned Young

Daniel Jupp, from two days ago. Sorry it's late. Excellent analysis, and likely true.

Jupp says:

Here’s how the CIA conducts a colour revolution abroad:
1. Enemies of the government are located and recruited.
2. Agents and recruited friends of the CIA are placed close to the government ready to ‘turn’ at the critical moment.
3. Media is recruited to run an ongoing psy-ops campaign against the government to turn the populace against them.
4. Fake events (false flags) are staged in which agents of the CIA or their friends act brutally whilst supposedly being agents of the government they want to topple.
5. NGOs and charities are used as conduits for funding the building revolution. Supposedly humanitarian or pro democracy initiatives are used to recruit, arm and equip anti government forces.
6. Months of riots and protests bring the government to its knees. If the government doesn’t respond, it is likely to fall. If it does respond, it is blamed for deaths and violence and again is likely to fall.
7. Already primed CIA friends, well funded, become public faces of the protests.
8. Selected CIA friends in the falling government strike by defecting to the protest movements now being led directly by CIA assets.
9. The government is replaced by one beholden to the CIA. The same money pumped in to create the revolution is now turned towards ‘calming the situation and restoring peace and order’.
10. CIA friendly media assess the situation with analysis that casts the whole thing in a positive light. Any remaining opposition is characterised as divisive and toxic elements of the authoritarian regime that has justly fallen.
All of these stages were used in the US itself against Trump. Trump’s refusal to use the National Guard against BLM meant that the traditional mass protest elements only served as a distraction whilst the coup by electoral fraud was plotted simultaneously.
The BLM riots were the Soros funded equivalent of a popular colour revolution mass protest (numbers 5 and 6). The false flag operation to label the government as dangerous and illegitimate was the FBI actions on January 6th (number 4). The already primed resources that turned on the government were men like Pence and Barr (number 2). The revolutionary funding via NGOs was mirrored by the funding from allied billionaires like Soros and Zuckerberg through a myriad of pro Democrat organisations (number 5). The controlled media psy-ops campaign to seed the acceptance of revolution was the media hate narrative against Trump, together with each impeachment and vigorously promoted lies like Russian Collusion (number 3). The meetings described in Time magazine between a whole raft of anti-Trump forces to ‘secure democracy’ fulfilled the vital role of recruiting and co-ordinating for the electoral theft (number 1).
Everything that has happened since 2020 has largely been the ‘mopping up’ element of demonising any continuing resistance (number 10).
The whole thing has been a CIA colour revolution, with the FBI doing within the USA exactly what the CIA does outside it when it wants to illegally depose a foreign government.
If nothing else tells you this, the fact that Twitter had around 80 FBI in senior positions running the social media company as a propaganda front controlled by and paid by the FBI itself, should.
It wasn’t ever an election, even a fraudulent one. It was the last move in a revolutionary, CIA template coup. Which was successful.

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