April 29, 2018

The Best Medicine

Dana Mathewson

Ammo Girl discusses the power of laughter and friendship at Powerline.

And please read the comment (currently the first one) by Stephen Shiell, about his kid learning to add. As I was recounting this to Martha, it reminded me of something moderately similar I read somewhere, at least forty years ago, about a youngster composing his first thriller novel, which contained the immortal line "Useless to talk,” said the French spy. Which gets richer and richer with possibilities, the more you think about it. Doubtlessly that’s why the line has stuck with me for lo these many years! A word from Tim:

When I was growing up we weren't allowed to say "shut up" either; my mom enforced that, something that came from her own parents, who saw it as a dirty word. We had to say "be quiet". We couldn't use the phrase "I have to pee" either, as that was considered indecent by my mother. I cannot begin to tell you the reaction I got when I was six and asked her what the f word meant! But she was not prudish about other words. I think it was just the way her parents did things.

You know, I once heard it said that you can't be friends with someone you can't laugh with or at. That is very true. And it's why the racial problems in America seem to be getting worse; we've made it impossible to laugh with minorities in any capacity lest someone be offended. Without that laughter there can be no friendship, and without that there can be no good race relations. Everyone is puffed up with self-importance and faux dignity. Nobody likes a stuffed shirt.

King David's wife grew to despise him because he was willing to play the fool, dancing in the streets when the Arc of the Covenant was brought to town. She was one of those sour puss types, a phony who, in James Comey or Robert Mueller fashion, stood high on her pedestal and proclaimed her dignity. As a result David's first marriage was not a very happy one.

I think Ammo Girl is onto something.

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