December 30, 2015

The AFFH Dictate

William Been

I would like to encourage everyone to sign Tom's petition as he leads the fight against one of the most egregious transformation items included in the recent Omnibus Bill. The AFFH dictate is clearly designed to change the face of America by establishing federal controls for housing that would usurp local government, zoning laws, and ultimately personal choice by individual citizens. Even if Mike Lee cannot muster Democrat support in the Senate, it is critically important that transformation items of this magnitude be included in the presidential campaigns since Congress has funded AFFH along with other transformation projects including Planned Parenthood, Syrian Muslim Refugees, Sanctuary Cities, and even Earned Income Tax Credits for illegal aliens. (I understand the border fence is not funded.) In my personal opinion, our culture is at stake in 2016 and we all must do whatever we can if the standard of living that America has provided is to be restored and preserved.

Bill Been (By the way, we don't have money for any of the above other than adding debt up to the $20 trillion level.)

From America's Policy Center:

As my report below told you last week, some members of Congress are trying to stop AFFH. Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona introduced a bill in July to ban funding for AFFH. His bill passed the House 229 – 193. Then Senator Mike Lee of Utah introduced the "Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act” (S.1909). His bill has six co-sponsors including Presidential candidate Marco Rubio. The plan was to get both bills passed in their respective houses, then merge them together in a conference committee and add the final version to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill (THUD). That bill was considered to be "must –pass” legislation making it more likely that Obama would have to sign it or see HUD shut down.
Unfortunately the plan didn’t work. House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell once again betrayed efforts to reign in the Obama juggernaut by eliminating the language from the massive trillion dollar omnibus spending bill passed in December. In fact, the final spending bill actually increased HUD’s budget by $2.6 billion, assuring it has plenty to enforce AFFH.
However, in a conversation I had with Senator Lee’s legislative director, he assured me that S.1909 is still alive and that the Senator is determined to stop AFFH. SENATOR LEE IS DETERMINED TO STOP FUNDING FOR AFFH!
It’s vital that Americans who understand the danger in AFFH take action now to stop it. We must flood Capitol Hill with calls supporting S.1909 and express our strong opposition to AFFH.
The American Policy Center has also prepared a petition addressed to Senator Lee to encourage him to continue the fight. With thousands of signatures he can use the petition to show other members of the Senate that he has strong support for S.1909. Readers can sign the petition here. If American private property rights are to be saved then we must stop AFFH!
Please read my full action alert below to fully understand the danger of AFFH and join APC and Senator Lee in taking a stand to stop it. Do nothing today and you will see private property ownership and local government’s destroyed.
Tom DeWeese

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