March 28, 2019

Stephen King - Sharia Compliant Dope

Timothy Birdnow

Warner Todd Houston posted this on Facebook:

OK, folks, I just have to tell ya'all this.... So, most of you know that schlock horror writer Stephen King has been tweeting me repeatedly lately because he is not happy with my opinions. He's done it again...

Today I criticized a liberal for having his female staffers wear hijabs in solidarity with Islam. I tweeted to the guy that it was a shame he forced his staffers to wear a symbol of oppression and misogyny. Then, Stephen King jumps on to slam my tweet and actually wrote "You mean like a tie in church?" Seriously. Stephen King equated a man's tie to a woman being forced to wear a hijab. because... you know... men are beaten and stoned all the time for not wearing a tie just like women are for not wearing a hijab. Wow. Just wow

I added:

I don't know what church he attends, but you can show up at a Catholic church in your pajama bottoms and little would be said in this day and age. There are no longer any dress codes. And it's not what one wears so much as WHY one wears it; why does Mr. King think Progressives are always assaulting kids wearing MAGA hats if it was not for the symbolic meaning behind them? The hijab is a symbol of Sharia, and that means it stands for misogyny, among other trendy liberal ideas (like public stoning, but I understand Mr. King was stoned plenty in his younger days...)

Sharia is diametrically opposed to freedom of speech, to freedom of conscience, to religious freedom, to any form of alternative lifestyle, to just about everything we hold dear. And it spreads at the point of a gun. If you don't voluntarily accept it you will be made to - or die.

I know a pastor in a church in little Bosnia here in St. Louis. He had a parishioner who converted from Islam. One night four masked men jumped him in the alley behind his home as he was taking out trash and beat him within an inch of his life. The fellow had to move away for his own safety; they were going to come back and kill him. Why? He was an apostate, and Islamic law says apostates must be killed.  I guess King doesn't know that.

Stephen King used to be a good writer, now he's just a dope.

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