May 15, 2019

State Department Orders Americans out of Iraq

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. State Department has ordered out all non-essential personnel from our embassy and consulates in Iraq.

According to Fox News:

The announcement was made in a security alert on its website early Wednesday morning. The alert also said that normal visa services would be temporarily suspended.

This comes amid a standoff between the U.S. and Iran, which has recently threatened to pull out of the nuclear deal and resume higher uranium enrichment if no new deal is put in place.

Iran has grown desperate to end the boycott, and they appear ready to launch a military strike of some sort. We are in a very, very dangerous position at this point - especially considering the Russians are close allies of the Iranians and the Chinese, who are most unhappy with us over our tariffs, are as well. This is the kind of thing that could trigger a world war.

I have little doubt Trump is playing both ends of this. He knows the Iranians are the cause of most of the trouble in the Middle East and the reason so many Americans have died in the wars over there. He also knows the Chinese are both cheating us and planning to ultimately move against us militarily, and he's squeezing both. Iranian oil feeds the Chinese beast, while China provides a lot to the Iranians. And both are backed up by the Russians, who are trying to control the flow of energy to Europe.

Essentially the Trump Administration is trying to cut the Gordian Knot that has bedeviled us for decades. But one must wonder if that knot remained tangled because it was not cutable without all hell breaking loose? I fear this is a much more dangerous time than most Americans realize.

Also, President Trump is preparing to reject Palestinian legal claims to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, something assured to enrage the terrorist groups Hamas and Hizbollah and the others supported largely by Iran. It's just another giant piece pulled from the bottom of the Middle Eastern Jenga monolith.

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