July 20, 2019

Space - a Casualty of the Left

Timothy Birdnow

Fifty years. Half a century. That's how long it has been since we went to the Moon,. What have we done since? Wasted time building a pathetic three to five man low Earth orbit space station which doesn't even act as a way station to anywhere else. And we had to bring in international partners to do it, too, so it's not even an American enterprise. We didn't even try to build the ISS (formerly Space Station Freedom) to rotate for artificial gravity. It is a terrible tragedy; we gave up on space at our moment of triumph!

By now we should have had several stations in orbit, stations that were more useful, to be used as way stations to the Moon or Mars or whatnot. We should have had a permanent lunar colony. We should have gone to Mars by now. Instead we just languish in low Earth orbit, not even venturing past the protection of the magnetic field.

What went wrong? Liberals.

Tthis may sound conspiratorial but I rather suspect the Left hated the space program precisely BECAUSE they understood we would be settling the Moon, and eventually the solar system. I think they feared people being able to escape their influence in that way, just as people escaped the old political order by immigrating to America in the 19th century. They believe that past attempts to change Humanity failed because there were always some people who were beyond the reach of reformers, and so they want EVERYONE in their grasp. Space exploration would restore the American style of pioneering - something they hate because it leads to individualism and self-reliance. So they mocked space exploration as wasting money on rocks while REAL problems fester on Earth (and no doubt some believe that) or they hate that the First World can do it and others can't (it's not FAR!) but I also think that in their gut they fear letting anybody out of their grip. Socialism is always a universalist ideology, and by it's nature it restricts, represses, and destroys any sort of expansionistic dreams.

Space settlement simply cannot be allowed because it gets people out from under their thumbs. They may not consciously think of all this, but I think they feel it in their guts.

And America underwent a bloodless revolution in the late sixties and early seventies - just as we were reaching the climax of our space program. The Left began their final triumphant march through every American institution, and they control;ed the media and academia and the schools. They were able to turn people away from wanting to follow this grand vision, a perfect substitute for the Manifest Destiny dream that made America great, turning her from a sparsely inhabited agrarian society into a superpower. Manifest Destiny, you may remember, was the vision of America expanding all the way to the Pacific, becoming a continent-girdling nation. It was about the most fundamental human drive, to grow, to expand, to tame the dark and forbidding. It was about CHILDREN and about civilization. A civilization needs goals, dreams, aspirations.

In 1893 Frederich Jackson Turner proposed what came to be called the Turner Thesis or the Frontier Thesis. Turner argued that the definition of America, the defining feature of the nation, was the frontier. While most people did NOT live on the frontier they always had it in the back of their minds. It provided a psychological safety valve, the sense that you could always go there if you were down on your luck or bored. Even the most onerous job could be endured with the knowledge you could run away to the frontier at some point. It provided hope, a place for the poor to prosper, a place for people to get a fresh start. When the frontier closed, Turner argued, America was going to undergo drastic psychological and cultural changes.

Turner was proven right.

Settling the frontier was the goal of this country, it's raison d'etre.

America hunted for new reasons to exist. The Cold War proved to be America's second cause, and we waged it for decades, imposing a kind of simmering peace on the world and spreading prosperity in the process. When that ended we looked to other things, particularly the war on Islamism. But that has failed; people are tired of wars and rumors of wars. So now America is rudderless, a nation without a purpose. We have lost our soul.

That's part of why so many young people are turning to social justice warfare; they know there needs to be a purpose, goals to attain, and they are choosing this as the new path, because their teachers and professors and cultural icons are telling them to do so. It is a modern crusade, not at all unlike the Crusades of yore, where people from all over Europe poured into the Middle East to free Palestine from the iron heel of the Turks. The Crusades were a religious movement, first and foremost, but they were a movement of peoples to find meaning in their lives.

And America was settled by Christians, which was a big part of our identity. But we have rejected the Christian faith at a time when our nation is in need of a spiritual and moral purpose.

One such purpose could have been the exploration and settlement of space. We were poised to create a new frontier, and return to our roots as a pioneer nation. But the Left killed that.

I cannot help but believe this was by design. The average foot soldier on the Left might not understand it, but I strongly suspect the intelligentsia did and they knew that for their project to succeed they had to keep America rudderless, soulless, without purpose. Only in that way could they offer a ready-made reason for this country. Social Justice is the new religion, the new heart and soul of America.

And the settlement of space is now pie-in-the-sky daydreaming. Our greatest achievement, indeed, perhaps the greatest achievement in human history, was for nought.

We should all be very angry about that. The Left spoils everything.

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1 Imagine a first-ever spiritual president? Curious to see how that would change the country...effectively...

Posted by: Samantha Lock at July 23, 2019 05:00 AM (JaHYj)

2 It sure would be nice if we could have one, Samantha. These soulless leaders we've had have hurt America dearly.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 23, 2019 05:20 AM (r9/1O)

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