February 24, 2024

Soylent Green Coming =to a McDonalds Near You

Diane Kimura

First, the left changed the definition of racism to identify whites as the perpetrator of racism.

Then they added the term, "privilege" to identify anyone who is white, male, comes from a two-parent home, is Christian, has an education, and did I say white?

Discrimination against whites is not racist and antisemitism is celebrated and encouraged on campuses and throughout the government.

Certain words became "harmful" and equated with committing violence upon another.

The list of gender pronouns and the delusion that we all have to bow at the altar of narcissists who demand that everyone else refers to them by their "preferred" pronoun.

We can no longer assume a biological woman is a woman.

Groups on social media are allowed to promote the normalization of pedophilia as a "victimless" crime.

The grooming and sexualization of young children is now a right and supported by the DoE and educators.

Now, the descent into h*ll continues with the normalization of cannibalism.

An article in New Scientist reports on groundbreaking research that would suggest eating another human wasn't a terrible source of nutrition, a source of awful diseases, or just a despicable practice that God says is a punishment of sin.

"Ethically, cannibalism poses fewer issues than you might imagine. If a body can be bequeathed with consent to medical science, why can't it be left to feed the hungry? Our aversion has been explained in various ways. Perhaps it is down to the fact that, in Western religious traditions, bodies are seen as the seat of the soul and have a whiff of the sacred. Or maybe it is culturally ingrained, with roots in early modern colonialism, when racist stereotypes of the cannibal were concocted to justify subjugation. These came to represent the 'other' to Western societies - and revulsion towards cannibalism became a tenet of their moral conscience."

Is it time for a more subtle view on the ultimate taboo: cannibalism?

Tim adds:

"Soylent Green is People!"

This is the final line the Leftist rebellion against God and decency have to cross and it was inevitable they would do so. Oh, and making us eat human beings is just the end game for these malthusian dimwits.

The whole Davos crowd were young in the '70's when Paul Ehrlicht wrote The Population Bomb and the Club of Rome "Limits to Growth". These two things profoundly influenced so many of these moral midgets. It was the thing which gave environmentalism it's big push forward (and both of these lead to draconian govenrment.) Population became the tool to backdoor socialism, and environmentalism was it's handmaiden. And still is, apparently.

Soylent Green was a cautionary tale about this very thing, and suggested people would have to eat people because by the year 2000 mass starvation would be immanent. Of course it was monumentally wrong but that hasn't stopped these people from using it as a BLUEPRINT for the future!

I would add this serves another purpose to the Left - to make human life not sacred but mundane, pure meat to be employed for the greater good as those in power see fit. Huxley saw that was coming. If you eat people they are not sacred, just nutritious food to be utilized. They become THINGS. That was and is close to the hearts of Communists who believe in nothing but the material world and want to make Humanity reject God and God's laws. How better to do that than to make everyone turn cannibal? Cannibalism is the ultimate in selfish acts (yes, it is permissible in a situation where it's eat someone who is already dead or die yourself,but that's not the issue here).

Also, you can catch almost anything from a corpse. Koru (laughing sickness) is but one example.

Cannibalism has always been disreputable, even among cannibals. In Typee Herman Melville recounts his time among the cannnibal Typee on Nuka Hiva and even they wouldn't admit they ate human flesh; they expressed to him their revulsion at it (and he was largely their prisoner).

So we are becoming even more barbaric than the most primitive savages. GREAT!

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