February 21, 2020

Some are More Equal than Others

Timothy Birdnow

In America some are more equal than others, and freedom of speech is limited by certain taboos established by the Left.

What do I mean? Well, this is an example.

Apparently the FCC rejected the license renewal of radio station KQQZ in Belleville, Illinois because they are home to a shock jock named Bob Romank. Now, I've never heard of Romanik and definitely never heard his show. He sounds like a braying jackass, frankly, the kind of shock jock that has become prevalant in modern times (like Howard Stern.) So what makes this guy different?

He dared to use the so-called N-word on air.

According to an earlier story at BND:

In January, Romanik used the N-word to denigrate rapper Waka Flocka Flame. The rapper had used a Trump supporter T-shirt to wipe his buttocks on stage. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an editorialThursday lambasting Romanik for "hate speech” and calling on the Federal Communications Commission and "Illinois electoral authorities to give Romanik a serious second look for his abuse of the airwaves.”

The Post-Dispatch editorial says Romanik wrongly used the airwaves to campaign for the 114th House District seat in 2016, a contest he lost to Democrat LaToya Greenwood of East St. Louis. Romanik did not list the free radio time on his campaign finance report, the newspaper reported.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay took to Twitter on Monday to call for "sanctions” to Romanik’s show for using the N-word on the air.

Bob Romanik's hate speech on public airwaves deserves sanction. https://t.co/QTowTZmNFL #fgs

— MayorSlay.com (@MayorSlay) February 6, 2017
So, three years ago this Romanik fellow called a guy who wiped his filthy bottom with Donald Trump a N****r on air and that was considered unacceptable but the rapper's actions were not?

And if using his own show to promote his political campaign is wrong, then so too is every single "news" show on the air, as they are all free advertising for Democrats.

This is all arguable and debatable, and the case can be made for sacking old Romanik, but it just rubs me the wrong way that the governmental regulatory agency is pulling the license of the station for not firing this guy.

I don't know if this is a word that is formally banned on air or if it is just done by agreement. But the retribution is so immense for the use of one word.

I've heard rappers use that with impugnity.

Had this been a leftist activist I doubt any of this would have happened.

There is clearly a double standard in our society.

After all, Andrew Cuomo used that word live without serious repercussions. So did Gary Landrieu of Louisiana. So too did a Democrat state legislator in Providence named Anastasia Williams while on the House floor. And of course everyone remembers America's favorite Klansman, Robert Byrde, used it on several occasions quite publicly. Nothing ever stuck to any of these individuals, largely because they are/were Democrats.

Shoot, even President Barack Obama said it.

Now, I'm opposed to the endless degrading of social standards, especially on broadcast radio and television. But I don't like the fact that these rules are not applied across the board. Some are more equal than others.

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