June 08, 2018

SIU Threatens to Fire President for Calling Opponents 'bitchers"

Timothy Birdnow

Academia has become the citadel of Stalinism in modern America, and if anyone doubts that here is a case in point. The president of the University of Illinois system is being threatened with termination because he said in an e-mail - now people with small children please have them leave the room because this is going to be outrageous - he called authorities in the SIU system who wanted to overfund the Carbondale campus "bitchers".

Oh, the Humanity! Yes, they actually called an emergency meeting to fire this guy over such salty language! The meeting wound up being canceled, but they tried to can this guy nonetheless.

This is the state of Illinois, arguably the most corrupt state in the Union.

According to the Belleville News Democrat:

"Board secretary Joel Sambursky called the meeting on Wednesday, after he said the board received "additional information” since its May 30 meeting.

"Last week after the SIU Board meeting in Springfield all trustees received information that in my view warrants the calling of an urgent meeting to consider placing Randy Dunn on administrative leave while a thorough investigation into his behavior is conducted by external legal counsel,” Sambursky said in a statement Thursday. He called for the board chairwoman to release those documents."

End excerpt.

So, in a state that is nearing bankruptcy the board of SIU wants to hire a private counsel to investigate a guy for calling someone a "bitcher". Astounding.

Board member Amy Scholar sides with President Dunn:

"Sholar questioned the urgency, and said she didn’t think the executive committee could legally remove Dunn or appoint a replacement.

"I find it contrary to both the letter and spirit of our bylaws for these two trustees to attempt to remove the president unilaterally without the votes or discussion of the full board,” Sholar said, referring to Sambursky and trustee J. Phil Gilbert."

End excerpt.

In fact, Scholar says she received no evidence of any wrongdoing, even while the other board members called the meeting.

Two state lawmakers have jumped on this and are Demanding Dunn resign.

This may be payback to Dunn for his recommendation earlier this year the hiring of a new Chancellor Carlo Montemagno who hired his relatives without applications or interviews or job advertising. Oh, and he embezzled money to move his daughter. (He did something similar in Alberta and left his position for SIU because of it.) He later paid it back (after getting caught).

But then, universities have become ridiculous places where hurt feelings are more important than corruption or moral decay or intellectual bullying. The snowflake phenomenon is a real thing, and it has been created and fostered in the Universities. You had better watch your speech!

I shudder to think of what would have happened had he voted admitted to voting for Donald Trump, or called Carbondale "the Planet of the Apes"...

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