March 24, 2020


David Dickinson

I decided to think about something other than the Wu Flu so I want to talk about shampoo. I use Tresemme shampoo...

But wait, before I go on, just an observation. Besides pet food and cereal, I do believe there are more different shampoos than any other product. Now don't get me wrong, one of the wonderful things about the greatest country on earth is we have Variety! But how many different kinds of hair types are there?

Ya got your brittle hair, your oily hair, your dry hair, your short hair, your really long hair, your straight hair, your straightened hair, your curly hair, your kinky hair, your recently damaged beyond comprehension at the hair salon hair, your... Ok, ok, there are a lot of hairs out there.

Back to my shampoo, Tresemme. When I run low on shampoo I go to the store, go to the shampoo aisle with bottles as far as the eye can see, find the Tresemme section and then I'm faced with what I talked about, which type of shampoo works best with my hair? Well, they don't have shampoo for slowly but steadily disappearing hair, and for some reason they don't have a shampoo for "regular" hair, which is what I think of when I think of my hair, which frankly isn't that often.

And since I never think to check what type of Tresemme shampoo I purchased last time before leaving the house, I'm left to pick whatever one sounds the least bizarre or most normal. So this last time I settled for Tresemme's "Full Body All Day!" shampoo, I was particularly drawn to the little blurb on the bottle that said: 24 Hour VOLUME.

For someone with slowly but steadily disappearing hair, volume is a very attractive shampoo sales pitch.

So a few days later I cracked open the new bottle of shampoo as I was showering and dumped a blob into my hand but, what have we here? It's clear, the peapicking shampoo is clear! Tresemme shampoo has never been clear, it's always been white or at least opaque sort of, but definitely not clear.

The reason this is an issue is because I don't have an overhead light inside my shower so I can't really tell how much clear shampoo actually came out of the bottle. The first time I guessed right because my hair sudsed up real nice, no problem. But sure enough, the next day I got too much and when I put it into my hair I got enough suds to run a load of wash. But then the next time, you guessed it, I over-compensated and got too little, I couldn't get any suds hardly at all so I went for a bit more and, yeah, load of wash suds times two.

So I'm calling on the shampoo industry, put some kind of color in that shampoo!

Now, onto the glue they use in some packaging, in particular the inner bags in cereal boxes...

Just kidding.

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1 oh poo!

Glad to see you back David!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at March 25, 2020 06:15 AM (l6h9t)

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