July 11, 2019

Sexist Air Conditioning:Woman, Cover Thyself!

Timothy Birdnow

Everything in this modern world is either racist or sexist. Now we are being told air conditioning is sexist. According to an article in The New York Times, by one aptly named Penelope Green, air conditioning is sexist because women like it warmer than men and, since most offices set the thermostat a bit lower, it is purely sexism. It couldn't be that employers want to keep the labor force from becoming drowsy, oh no; it has nothing to do with productivity, with keeping people active. (Frankly, if these women are getting cold they should try, uh, working harder.) Of course, these feminist scolds never consider that most of the outdoor jobs are done by men, primarily because women don't want to take those positions (they beg women to go into the trades) and it is HOT outside, at least in summer.

Long ago I worked briefly as a bread delivery guy, and I spoke with a driver for Bunny Bread. She complained of her time working for Wonder " I was so cold all winter" because her truck wasn't adequately heated. Was that sexism, or a desire to avoid complicated heating a cooling systems, a type of cheapness? My Colonial/Sarah Lee truck had little heat, too, and no air conditioning, and it was miserable when the temperature was extreme either way. But you had to suck it up; it was part of the job. I didn't work there long, just a couple of months. The hours were hell, too; 14 a day or more.

Enough about me.

These people are going mad.

Pope Francis fired a shot against air conditioning too, a while back. He complained that people were cooling themselves at the expense of "the planet" and instead of feeding the poor. Of course the dop has never lived anywhere REALLY hot or he would know better. People die with regularity during heat waves if they don't have air conditioning. Every summer here in St. Louis we have at least one death from heat. There are ministries devoted to getting air conditioners for the poor and helping them pay the electric bill so they can run them. But Francis doesn't worry about such things; he's a social justice warrior and air conditioning represents our modern technological civilization. He is such a big poop Pope.

A similar argument can be made - and no doubt will be - that air conditioning is racist. After all, black people are descended from people from the tropical zones. They can take heat better. So air conditioning is racist. It's only logical!

I Own the World has this to say about the matter:

However, Green pointed out that building managers control the temperatures, often relying on industry standards set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers. These standards suggest 67 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

I give Green credit because she shows both sides of the story, including one business in Philadelphia that tried to go a summer without air conditioning, which failed because employees complained about the sweltering summer heat.

And this article whines about how cold women are in offices.

WELl, first off, it is easily remedied with more clothing. If women would stop coming to work dressed like hookers they wouldn't be so chilly. There is no good way cool down if it is too hot inside, however. And why is it always about what women want? They are forever demanding things and then demanding more. They complain because men sit with their legs spread (try NOT sitting that way, ladies, with a bunch of genitalia hanging down there!). They complain about being paid less than the men, despite working fewer hours, fewer years on the job, and taking time off for their children. Oh, and not being willing to move for their jobs. They complain there is no day care at their places of business. They complain and complain.

Now don't get me wrong; I am all for a reasonable accommodation, but at what point does the world get to stop changing to benefit this particular group? Boys are taught at a young age to "suck it up" and not whine. The feminists never seemed to have learned that lesson. Oh, they want to compete with men, and brag about how they are as tough as any man, but in the end they expect special privileges. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, or if you can't stand the cold... Suck it up, dearies! Only in that way can yo prove your assertions.

You've come a long way, baby! Now you know what men have had to endure for a long, long time. How many men enjoy going into the bowels of the Earth where it is boiling hot, or working in a foundry? We've always had to suck it up. I think a sweater is hardly asking too much of you gals. Maybe try putting some clothes on; a pair of pants rather than a short skirt, for instance. The rise in sexually provocative fashion in America, the immodesty of modern women, is directly related to this. A modest woman wouldn't have this sort of problem.

Woman, cover thyself!

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