May 24, 2023

Seizing That Which We Hold Dear

Daniel Jupp

The reports coming out about the Indiana Jones movie are pretty depressing. A feeble old man hectored and bullied by a smug, insufferable woke bitch with a script written by the people fired by Elon Musk.
The thing about wokeness is that there is no creativity in it. It is the death of creativity, because to be woke is to have already killed all the parts of your brain where creativity lives.
If you are woke you have already spent years revelling in the death of independent thought. You have been trained and conditioned to repeat the same lies in the same tone, with the same sneer in the same places. It is an ideology which is built on the lack of ideas, rather than their presence. It’s a negating, an absence, a void, in everything from its conception of history to its means of expression.
When it approaches something like the Indy franchise, it knows what it wants to destroy. It knows it wants to make sneering references to toxic masculinity, and it knows it wants to show that men are not strong, but weak, not heroic, but laughable, not brave, but feeble, not explorers, but exploiters, not archaeologists,

but thieves.
It has no innate sense of joy pertaining to the things it believes, and no respect for joy in anything it doesn’t believe. It’s humour is solely the humour of a smug twelve year old snickering at an adult.
None of its own beliefs have any depth, but in its shallowness it attacks all other beliefs with equal vigour. It doesn’t distinguish between Aristotle, Newton or Darwin, or between them and the early works of George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. It doesn’t give anything a free pass for being a bit of fun, or for being a harmless and cherished part of the nostalgia of others.
Indy doesn’t get a shred of respect for bringing innocent joy for a few hours to kids and adults for 40 odd years. He doesn’t even get any respect for punching Nazis, which the franchise did quite a lot of. Of course he doesn’t. The woke don’t offer that respect to the actual men who defeated Nazism. Churchill is just another dead white imperialist, as guilty as Hitler. Roosevelt threw away his disabled credits by being white and male.
Stalin is the only one they might admire, and they would admire him more if he’d worn a dress.
So of course the maleness of pulp heroes like Indy has to be destroyed, even if that’s an unprofitable exercise for companies supposedly trying to make a profit. And this occurs even after Top Gun: Maverick showed them just how much more profitable it is to give the fans what they love, in all its unashamed machismo. They could have easily portrayed Indy as an old king, bloodied but unbowed, creaking but never breaking, and that’s a story, that’s a type of myth, that men and women both love because it says something about the fate that all of us face, and the enemy that none can beat forever.
We all age, we all die, we all face odds we cannot beat. But maybe we can beat them one more day, in the twilight, touching immortality.
Phnar, phnar, says the woke and empty mind. No, screw that myth. Tell them they are nothing. Tell them their heroes, real and imagined, are nothing. Give them that infuriating, adolescent, close minded laugh, the laugh of Mary Sue getting everything without a battle, and without a thought.

Tim adds:

William Paley, 18th century philosopher, dismissed Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire as a mockery of Western culture "how do you refute a sneer?" Paley was right; you can't. Which is why modern woke leftists are so full of sneers; they then do not have to defend their positions. They hold a faith-based belief and not a logical position.

Back in the '60's a philosopher named Michael Dumett caught on big with the radicals. He was an "intuitionist" who admonished his followers to NOT make any sort of argument but rather to just sneer. Dumet's followers were impossible to debate, as you can imagine.

That's where we are at now. Sneers and intuitionism.

The whole point is, of course, to simply destroy, tear down, wreck and ruin everything. it is heterodoxy. These people think they can tear down the whol culture and replace it. They don't know or care that civilization is a carefully laid wall, made brick by brick, whose primary purpose is to constrain and guide human passions. We are animals and we will do terrible things if not constrained, either internally by our own discipline or eternally through the power of the sword. We used to understand the purpose of education was to teach children their own internal restraint on their passions. Now we are all about "letting it all hang out" and rely on external restraints, which are the weakest of all as they only work if the person out of control gets caught. And at the same time these same people are pushing to weaken external restraints.

So any throwback to the old order must be destroyed, and a man who represents the old order with it's self-control, it's masculine virtues of courage and strength and doing what is right in the face of evil - must go. The grand urination on Indiana Jones should come as no surprise; it's what they HAVE to do. Nothing good must remain unsullied. All virtue must die.

And the best way is to sneer and ridicule. As Saul Alinsky said, ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It's infuriating and it cannot be answered. The two together are the bedrock of he radical activist.

We need to turn the tables and do this to them. As Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military philosopher, pointed out, you must seize that which the enemy holds dear. We need to start mocking their most cherished views. We need to go after the abortion fans, the transgendered activists, the rainbow flag types. There are ways to do this. Unfortunately our side is not comfortable making sport of others.

I remember when San Francisco started issuing marriage licenses to gay couples (prior to the SCOTUS ruling legalizing gay marriage). At the time I though Conservatives should go to city hall with, uh, unique partners. Dogs, cats, umbrellas, toaster ovens, blow up dolls, etc. Make a mockery of it. Even though the media would try not to cover it if the protesters there made enough of a row they would have no choice. Then the propaganda of smiling, happy couples getting "married" would be lost in the carnival atmosphere of people marrying their church choir or their sisters or whatnot.

That's how the Left would have done it.

At any rate, until we start going after then they will keep coming after the things we love and cherish. They read their Sun Tzu.

Oh, as for creativiy, he's so right. Despotism, whatever it's source, stifles human creativity. Everything has to be aimed at the political goals of those in power or seeking power. All thought must conform with the acceptable parameters. No thinking outside the box allowed! We've seen the way this works in societies throughout history. As tyranny spreads, be it from government or thought police, the end result is the same; the death of creativity and artistic expression. Socialists are especially prone to this as they demand conformity of thought itself. Conformity and obedience. So they repress any sort of happy emotions or good vibes as either seditionistic or at best unproductive. You may remember Pasterneck's Dr. Zhivago. Zhivago is hated by the Communists because he is not political. They see him as at best venial and possibly seditious. All thought must serve the State. Soviet art was almost non-existent, you may remember. It all had to serve the purposes of the Revolution. This is what is happening to American artistic expression today.

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