August 30, 2022

Sea Level Rise?

John Lees

I just encountered yet another person making bizarre claims about sea level.
Here is my now standard reply:
"It's quite amazing that there is so much lying in the media about sea level rise. Especially because in developed countries such as here in the UK, we have very long term precision records of the exact height of the sea.
In some places these date back to the early 1800's.
Here is the sea level at Newlyn in Cornwall.
Yes, the sea level is rising in relative terms, but at a very slow rate. There is zero indication that this rate of rise is increasing due to "climate change".
It's extraordinarily

slow rise of only 1.84mm per year.
So at that rate it would take 150 years to rise 27cm.
27cm is about the height of my wellies.
If people can not adapt to such a tiny rate of rise, then they deserve to drown:"

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Peter Hatgelakas adds:

Yet the rise or fall of sea level is mostly a local geologic phenomenon based on subsidence or shifting delta river positions, sand bars, shoals, which have nothing to do with global sea level. And here is the kicker. The ocean basins are not fixed in their dimensions. They yield plastically to load. Put more load on the ocean floor and it deforms to accommodate that load. Thus sea level globally does not significantly rise. Tectonism and ice ages are the main reasons for global sea level rises and falls. I have a question, How much of the planet’s water can go into the atmosphere? How much of the planet’s water is atomically bound in rock forming minerals? Minerals and atmosphere are components to water capture that no one talks about, yet those two components may decide the argument. To my knowledge there has not been a comprehensive study of factors effecting sea level rises and falls. The people doing such studies are largely oblivious to all the components of the problem. Largely they are not qualified to do the study

Mr. Lees adds:

By some remarkable coincidence, there is a place, in Sweden, where the land happens to be rising at precisely the same velocity as the motion of the surface of the sea.
Therefore - the relative sea level rise rate - is ZERO.
I'm not sure if anyone else will find that to be amazing. But I tend to be amazed by some weird stuff.

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3 I just encountered yet another person making bizarre claims about sea level.

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