March 31, 2019

School must answer for Trans policy

Timothy Birdnow

An Illinois school district has to defend their transgendered bath/locker room policy in court, a judge has ruled.

From Net Right Daily:

An Illinois school district that, under Barack Obama’s transgender advocacy, allowed boys who identify as girls to use the girls’ facilities, now must defend its policy in a lawsuit by parents.

The lawsuit names the Township High School District No. 211 and its activism, which left girls being confronted by a nude male.

The district’s actions went far beyond accommodation into activism, explained a ruling Friday from U.S. District Judge Jorge Alonso, who allowed the case against the district to move forward.

These school administrators forget who has the final say in such matters. They are not the parents of these kids.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the plaintiffs in the case, argued that this amounts to sexual harassment according to Title IX, the very same federal regulation Barack Obama used to force his gender-bender bathroom policy on America.

The article continues:

The judge pointed out that when the district created its rules, it "did not investigate the reliability of the science underlying gender-affirmation treatments. Nor did it make any effort to understand the impacts such a policy would have on students exposed to opposite-sex, same-gendered students in locker rooms and restrooms.”

Even worse, "District 211 has conveyed to students that when a person objects to the compelled affirmation policy, the person is intolerant and bigoted.”

The judge noted the district told those who disagreed that they should leave.

So, they were smug and abusive about it, too. Public educrats are the bane of modern America. Eager to create a "new Mankind" they experiment with children's lives and futures, and care nary a wit when they inevitably fail. They give no thought to the damage they do, the lives they ruin.

Lucky for everyone these high handed library fuhrers ran into a judge who isn't going to acquiesce to them.

I wonder; would the school allow the same policy in the faculty facilities?

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