March 29, 2022

Russia's EMP Threat

Timothy Birdnow

The Russians have a contingency plan to use an EMP attack on the United States.

Years ago I wrote about a possible EMP attack by North Korea. An EMP aka Electromagnetic Pulse attack involves airbursting an atomic bomb. When any atomic bomb - be it fission or fusion - is detonated it releases a burst of gamma rays which strip electrons from the air. These form a very powerful, fast moving wave in the atmosphere which (a Compton Effect) which blows out electronics. It rises too fast for conventional surge protectors so it takes everything out.

Congress commissioned a study which concluded after my American Thinker article came out (and I took some heat from commenters who clearly were government agents trying to put the lid on this) stated that there would be a 90% kill rate after one year. So America would drop down to about 32 million people! The rest would die.

This would alter the entire world. The international economy would collapse at minimum.

And would we nuke Russia for PROPERTY DAMAGE which is what some liberals would argue this was. No doubt there will be pressure on Biden to not retaliate. And he may not.

See, everything operates with computers these days. No vehicles built after 1979 are without computers. So nothing would run, not trucks, not trains, not farm equipment, nothing. Only a few old cars and maybe some things like lawnmower would still operate. Maybe a few mopeds. But there would be no crops planted or harvested. There would be nothing moving to market. There would be no food, no water (as most water pumps would be out), no communications. We would be back in 1800, only we would have a 21st century population and no 19th century technology available. It would have to be rebuilt from scratch.

In short, it would basically be the end of the world as we know it.

But, but, but...we have made strides in hardening our systems, right?


From the above quoted paper:

Russia has "Super-EMP” weapons specialized for HEMP attack that potentially generate 100,000 volts/meter or higher, greatly exceeding the U.S. military hardening standard (50,000 volts/meter). As a result of its HEMP nuclear tests, the Soviet Union, and today Russia, probably knows a lot more about HEMP effects than the United Stat

The U.S. has taken steps to harden some military facilities, but not against a new Russian super EMP.

(Hardening usually consists of putting stuff underground or in a Faraday Cage. There are ways to build equipment that is hardened into a Faraday cage, but apparently the Russians have a superior weapon that can still get to this stuff.)

So, if push comes to shove Putin could launch one single rocket and take out the entire country.

What else is waiting in the wings for us? This rush to war is a very dangerous thing for our leaders. And it is being done for political reasons more than anything else, so the Democrats don't lose power.

One wonders if martial law is not far off?

I need to get the Ozark Hilton in shape for a long stay, perhaps.

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1 Since the Earths next mass extinction is inevitable, why wait and lets just "getter done".

Posted by: mike at March 30, 2022 01:34 AM (SFpgr)

2 That seems to be the current theory Mike.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at March 30, 2022 07:48 AM (T6Yjz)


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4 The Russians have a contingency plan to use an EMP attack on the United States.

Posted by: Fake Watches at August 17, 2023 08:33 PM (OAWTR)

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