January 26, 2019

A Crash of RINOS Negotiating Wall Deal

Timothy Birdnow

Four RINO Senators have been chosen to handle the negotiations for border security, according to a report at Breitbart.

From the article:

The GOP Senators on the border security panel are Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito, North Dakota’s Sen. John Hoeven, and Missouri’s Sen. Roy Blunt, a source told Breitbart News. The four members each have earned a B rating from the mainstream NumbersUSA advocacy group, which favors a reduction in legal immigration.

Shelby started out as a moderate Democrat, part of a group called "the Boll Weevils". Shelby switched parties in 1994 after big Republican gains. He supported a ban on semi-automatic firearms. He opposed offshore oil and gas drilling. He was one of the Senators to badger Trump not to do a shutdown over the wall. He publicly opposed Roy Moore in the Senate race in Alabama, handing the seat to the Democrats. He voted to acquit Bill Clinton when he was impeached.

North Dakota's John Hoeven is another RINO of the first order. Voted 17th top RINO in the country by Conservapedia Hoeven was also a Democrat before becoming a Republican. He supported gun restrictions after the Orlando shooting. He supported the Gang of Eigth amnesty.

Missouri's Roy Blunt is another pile of RINO droppings. The Milquetoast Missourian never met a back he didn't want to stab. And He waffles more than a huddle House. I have sent him scathing e-mails which have never been answered, in which I threaten to vote for his Democratic opponents. That's how bad I despise the lying weasel.

During the Fake News dustup over "family separation" of illegal aliens, Blunt threw in with the Democrats according to the AP:.

And what can you say of W. Virginia's Shelley Capito? The daughter of a former three time Governor, she is a child of the Swamp and was opposed by the Tea Party when she ran for the Senate. She is a member of The Republican Main Street Partnership, a group of liberal Republicans. She's also a protege' of Mitch McConnell. The New York Times called her the third most "moderate" aka liberal Republican in the Senate.In 2011 Americans for Democratic Action gave her a sixty percent liberal rating! She is pro-abortion, supports "gender equity", She supported SCHIP. She blocked the repeal of the Affordable Care act. She favors amnesty for DACA people. She voted to give 1.6 billion for a wall rather than the five billion Trump requested.

In fact, Conservapedia ranks this quartet as top RINO'S #12 Roy Blunt #17 Hoeven #9 Corey Gardner making the moderate Shelby the "right-winger" of the group.

THESE are the guys negotiating with the Democrats on our behalf.

Get ready for an old fashioned gang beating of the American People with these negotiations. No doubt we'll get a bigger amnesty than just DACA and maybe a couple of thousand dollars to string a wire along the border. I guess Trump will proclaim victory at that point.

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