July 27, 2018

Republican Promoting Carbon Tax

Timothy Birdnow

In yet more proof the Republican Party wants to join the Democrats as junior members, House Republican Carlos Curbelo has introduced a carbon tax to Make America Poor Again (MAPA).

From Jeff Rendall at Conservative HQ: "Politically speaking Curbelo needs to convince enough Republicans to commit political suicide and go along with Democrats to pass such a measure -- and then it would have to move through the Senate as well. Assuming political lightning struck and both Republican-controlled houses of Congress agreed to a new carbon tax, then it would require a Trump signature to become law.

It’ll just as soon snow at the equator before such a thing would ever occur. Under a Democrat controlled government a carbon tax bill might have a reasonable chance of thriving. But with Republicans in charge? No. Even the GOP establishment leadership wouldn’t allow it to get off the ground. And can you picture Trump campaigning in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin trying to sell the bill to his supporters? He’d lose everything… and for what?

Curbelo himself certainly realizes the chances of seeing his idea enacted into law are slim and none, so therefore his carbon tax is nothing more than a naked political play to his liberal constituents to make them think he’s "doing something” and trying to help the poor at the same time. Curbelo’s might be a popular local idea in the Sunshine State but would the Florida congressman really wish to shackle American industry in far off places in the vague hope of halting or reversing the rise of the oceans (which is supposedly taking place in his district)?

Will manufacturing heavy foreign countries similarly go along and agree to curb their own carbon emissions to possibly stall the effects of "climate change”? And assuming they don’t, how much overall environmental impact could Curbelo promise as the result of his tax? Would he also be willing to jeopardize the political fortunes of his entire party to pass a divisive tax?"

End excerpt.

Global Warming is not even on most Americans radar and yet here we have a Republican promoting the idea. Why? Because their constituents are not in the heartland but in D.C., particularly the Fake News media in D.C., and that is precisely who Curbello is addressing with this. He hopes to get favorable media coverage. That is the problem; nobody represents the American People, who have become merely an inconvenience. No. Washington has become so big and so powerful - along with the big cities like New York - that our government representatives see their role as appeasing this bunch rather than working for the people back home. Those people merely have to be fooled into re-electing them. We do not live in a representative Republic anymore.

Doubt that? Why is the GOP determined to push an amnesty through in direct conflict with the will of the American People" Why won't they repeal Obamacare when everyone wants it gone? Because they are more concerned with the monied classes and the media than the voters.

If we are to restore the American Republic we are going to have to break the power of the Fake News Media and the plutocrats.

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