July 17, 2019

Puerto Rican Rebellion

Timothy Birdnow

Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello sparked an uprising in the Island Commonwealth, with violent protesters demanding his resignation. According to NPR

Rossello has enraged many islanders with a series of leaked text messages showing the Governor's contempt for the People, his desire to manipulate public opinion (like that is something new in a politician), and sexist and "homophobic" comments.

From the article:

As they slog through the offensive chats, she said the worst part is seeing how the governor and his coterie sneer at the many struggles facing Puerto Ricans. In one text, the governor's chief financial officer cracks a joke about the dead bodies that piled up in a government facility before and after 2017's Hurricane Maria.

"You can see that our politicians lack humanity," Cortes said. "They lack decency."

The publication of the texts has unleashed a visceral wave of fury and indignation that many Puerto Ricans feel over the direction the island is taking. Puerto Rico is in the 13th year of a recession and is in massive debt. The governor and a federal control board have slashed public services and moved to privatize public assets, including the power grid, schools and roadways. Many people fear these policies will widen the gap between the island's rich and poor.

You may remember that this is the same Governor who attacked President Trump so viciously because he thought efforts to rebuilt Puerto Rico were insufficient. Actually, it's more than that. Rossello, son of former Governor Pedro Rossello, was a delegate for Hillary Clinton in 2008, and for Obama in 2012. So he's a Progressive at heart. He also founded Boricua ¬°Ahora Es!,, a movement seeking Puerto Rican statehood.

He was elected Governor in 2016 on the New Progressive Party ticket.

His administration has advocated typical laundry list of liberal ideas, including "equal pay for women", medicinal marijuana, raised the minimum wage, spearheaded a switch to "100% renewable energy".

In short, Rossello is a Clinton-type leftist.

And when Hurricane Maria swept over the island, the Governor was more interested in scoring political points against the Trump administration than he was in fixing the problem. He made clearly dishonest claims that no aid had been forthcoming, despite records showing the contrary. And he was responsible for seeing to it the aid reached the people who needed it - something that didn't happen.

In other words, he's a typical Democrat.

Now Royal Caribbean Cruises has cancelled visits to Puerto Rico due to the uprising.

The public wants him gone.

What I find so amazing is the hypocrisy; this is a guy who has railed against Trump and is a good, loyal friend of Hill's., yet he made all of the statement he made in private. That is typically Democratic; they loathe the blacks and Jews who make up their base, and are frequently caught using slurs against them, but the media never reports it.

So now we have a Puerto Rican governor using slurs and running a corrupt administration and the media is largely quiet about the backlash, which is of a Trumpian character; these people want better government and not the status quo.

Don't expect to hear too much about this on mainstream media; at best, they will try to suggest Rossello is another Donald Trump. He's far from that.

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