November 30, 2023

Photons Don't Matter!

Richard Cronin

Just got to thinking a bit more.

The more and more I study, the P & T within our planet plus the ready presence of simple industrial catalysts, principally metal oxides, drives an unbelievable number of exothermic reactions. Moreover, slow upward flow brings reagents into contact with one another with significant dwell times. As a final measure, L.B. Bezrukov and colleagues have identified that heat transfer via convection is a sadly under-appreciat ed means of heat transfer. Until now everyone considered only conduction through solid rock strata, while the real Earth has layers of molten carbonates and silicates plus gases and liquids. It’s like a big-ass multi-product extrusion reactor.

In the total energy balance on the surface of this planet radiation is doodely. The only industrial application that I know using radiation for heating is paint booths — say for cars. Other than that, it’s microwave ovens and heat lamps to keep the French fries warm. That’s it.

Solar radiation delivers UV radiation which can dry clothing and give you a sunburn. Visible light is 50/50. Dark surfaces absorb, mostly into the oceans to drive photosynthesis via phytoplankton, Cyanobacteria, and algae. The ocean photosynthetic life forms are a vastly greater Carbon sink than any green stuff on land. Hard shell phytoplankton, Cyanobacteria and algae. Algae is a principal food for snails, sea horses and small tropical fish. When all of these critters die their vertebras sink to the ocean floor. The largest Carbon sequestration system possibly known.

Of course, white clouds and snow & ice reflect radiation (albedo).

Long Wave Infrared Radiation (LWIR) is strictly a cooling mechanism. The Stefan Boltzmann effect (black body radiation).

Photons are g-d Gauge Bosons, not Matter.

All manifestations of Energy involve Mass in Motion

F = 1/2 • m • v2

E = m • c2

In my best Johnny Cochrane (O.J.’s lawyer):
"Photons have no Matter, so Photons don’t Matter.”

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1 Thank you, Richard, for shedding light on Earth's energy dynamics. Your intriguing perspective emphasizes the significance of convection and downplays the role of photons in industrial applications, providing a refreshing take on the planet's intricate processes. | Please click here for information about our services for junk removal.

Posted by: Lucie at December 01, 2023 03:59 AM (BLcIY)

2 Amen Lucie; Richard Cronin is a font of useful information. He's a geochemist and knows his stuff.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at December 01, 2023 09:12 AM (1l4vO)

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