December 19, 2015

Paul Ryan's Hypocrisy on Immigration

Timothy Birdnow

Over at American Thinker Carol Brown has a great article illustrating the hypocrisy of newly minted House Speaker and Obama backside sniffer Paul Ryan. Ryan is upset with America for having the gall to demand we stop the flood of alines invading our soil. Brown quotes Breitbart:

"On previous occasions, Ryan has repeatedly suggested that the American people are not entitled to discriminate against who enters their country on a visa. When Sean Hannity asked Paul Ryan about whether or not he would support curbs to Muslim immigration, Paul Ryan declared, "That’s not who we are.”

End quote.

And yet the hypocrite lives in a virtual fortress, with high security fencing and armed guards. He seems to miss the irony of all this.

Let me offer a couple of points to ponder for Mr. Pee Wee Ryan.

First, it should be pointed out that America's immigration has changed dramatically in the last hundred years, and this should be something to consider in that European immigrants come from the same cultural, intellectual, and spiritual traditions that allowed America to exist in the first place. Accprdomg to the Pew Research Center , a notably left-leaning outfit:

"Nearly 59 million immigrants have arrived in the United States since 1965, making the nation the top destination in the world for those moving from one country to another. Mexico, which shares a nearly 2,000-mile border with the U.S., is the source of the largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States.

But today’s volume of immigrants is in some ways a return to America’s past. A century ago, the U.S. experienced another large wave of 18.2 million immigrants, hailing largely from Europe. Many Americans can trace their roots to that wave, from 1890 to 1919, when Germany dominated as the country sending the most immigrants to many of the U.S. states, although the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy were also strongly represented.

In 1910, Germany was the top country of birth among U.S. immigrants, accounting for 19% of all immigrants (or 2.5 million) in the United States. Germans made up the biggest immigrant group in 18 states and the District of Columbia, while Mexico accounted for the most immigrants in just three states (Arizona, New Mexico and Texas). After Germany, the largest share of immigrants in the U.S. came from Russia and the countries that would become the USSR (11%, or 1.5 million)."

End excerpt.

Almost sixty million immigrants - about one in six people in the third most populace nation on Earth if they were all counted today as a single entity - are immigrants. Think of that! And most immigrants during the late 19th century wave came from Germany, a very advanced nation in terms of education, scientific achievement, and with a culture related to our own. Now we are importing Mayans and other paleo-pagan peoples who have no cultural links to our country, and we aren't giving it time to assimilate these people.

The Pew report continues:

"Since 1965, when Congress passed legislation to open the nation’s borders, immigrants have largely hailed from Latin America and Asia. In states that have attracted many immigrants, the current share of immigrants is below peaks reached more than a century ago. In 2012, there were four states (California, New York, New Jersey and Florida) in which about one-in-five or more people are foreign born. California peaked in 1860 at 40%, when China was the top country of birth among immigrants there. Meanwhile, New York and New Jersey peaked in 1910 at 30% (Russia and the USSR) and 26% (Italy), respectively.

Among U.S. immigrants as of 2013, five times as many are from Mexico as from China, where the second-highest number of U.S. immigrants were born (6% of all immigrants in the U.S., or 2.4 million). Mexico is the birthplace of 28% (or 11.6 million) of all immigrants in the U.S. Immigrants born in Mexico account for more than half of all of the foreign born in five states: New Mexico (72%), Arizona (58%), Texas (58%), Idaho (53%) and Oklahoma (51%).

Despite Mexico’s large numbers, immigrants come to the U.S. from all over the world. India is the top country of birth among immigrants in New Jersey, even though only about one-in-ten of the state’s immigrants are from India. Canada is the top country of birth for immigrants in Maine (24%), Montana (21%), New Hampshire (15%), Vermont (15%) and North Dakota (13%). Filipinos account for a large share of immigrants in Hawaii (47%) and Alaska (27%)"

End excerpt.

So India is a huge source of immigration here as well, even though India is a non-Western country. And of course don't forget China.

This wouldn't matter if America were still the melting pot, a place where immigrants came on the condition they became Americans. That is no longer the case; now America is overwhelmed with the reverse fascism of multiculturalism, which has describe the type of America the advocates wish as a salad, not a fondue. In other words, if you like your alien culture you can keep it! Too bad Obama and the other multiculturalists mean to keep that particular promise.

A nation with multiple cultures has to be held together by force. There is no good stable free nation that is largely multicultural. Even Canada, one of the most advanced and civil countries on Earth, has trouble holding the French and Anglo portions together. Other places are worse; what happened to Yugoslavia? Not there anymore, is it?

And yet the third most populated country on Earth cannot even secure her borders, and people like Paul Ryan snear at Americans who think we should put in common sense restrictions.

The Center for Immigration Studies has more:

"While they did not receive much attention when they were released last month, new projections from the Census Bureau show the enormous impact of immigration on the U.S. population. For the first time, the Bureau projected the future size of the immigrant (foreign-born) population and found that by 2023 immigrants will account for more than one in seven U.S. residents (51 million) — the largest share ever recorded in American history. Driven largely by legal immigration, not illegal immigration, the immigrant population will grow to nearly one in five U.S. residents (78 million) by 2060, the Bureau projects.1 The total U.S. population will grow to almost 417 million — 108 million more than in 2010.

Among the Census Bureau findings:

* Total net immigration (the difference between the number coming and going) will increase steadily over the next 45 years, totaling 64 million.2

* Absent a change in current policy, the Census Bureau projects that in 2023 the nation's immigrant population (legal and illegal) will reach 14.8 percent (51 million) of the total U.S. population — the highest share ever recorded in American history.3

* The bureau also projects that the immigrant population will grow nearly four times faster than the native-born population, reaching 15.8 percent (57 million) of the nation's population in 2030, 17.1 percent (65 million) in 2040, and 18.8 percent (78 million) in 2060.4

* To place these numbers into historical context, as recently as 1990, immigrants were 7.9 percent (20 million) of the total U.S. population.5

* The nation's total population will grow to 417 million by 2060 — 108 million more than in 2010.6 This increase is roughly equivalent to adding the combined populations of California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Massachusetts to the country.7

* The new projections indicate that, absent a change in immigration policy, immigrants who will arrive in the future plus their descendants will account for roughly three-fourths of future U.S. population increase.8

Other interesting findings in the projections show the rapid aging of the immigrant population. In 2015, immigrants accounted for 13 percent of the population 65 and older, roughly equal to their share of the overall population. But by 2060 there will be 25.3 million immigrants in this age group, accounting for 26 percent of all persons over 65"

End excerpt.

How does a nation survive such overwhelming numbers? It doesn't; we can't pay for it all, and those coming in will not be educated into the American culture and worldview.

If some immigration is good, why is more naturally better? Ryan lives in a farm state; surely he understands that some water is good for growing crops but a flood simply kills them.

In Europe we already see terrible devestation caused by unenculturated immigrants, particularly Muhammadans. There are "no go zones" in many cities across Europe where the authorities simply won't enter and enforce their own laws. This is what happens when you allow too many people to enter, or allow people who cannot be assimilated (as the Muslims cannot be). America will die if we allow this to continue.

This is not nativism. This is a common sense approach to a situation spiraling out of control. History is replete with countries that have been immigrated to death. Lebanon, for instance, allowed the Palestinians to seek refuge there, and is now a despotic hell-hole with no more unique Lebanese culture. The Muscovites swallowed up their neighbors, and many old cultures that had once been around are gone. So too, the native Americans on this continent. Ditto the Ainu of Japan. Ditto the Polynesians. Ditto the old Persian culture that the Islamic world swallowed.

Rome is the best example; unwilling to curtail German immigration, the Empire eventually fell.

We're next if we don't close our borders.

Pee Wee Ryan should be ashamed of himself. He is taking political steps to make his paymasters happy and will destroy our country. Why does the third most populace nation on Earth need unrestricted immigration? For cheap labor?

When America falls those inexpensive grass cuttings are going to give cold comfort.

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