March 15, 2016

Parkway School District and Perversification; Liberal Hypocrisy on Display

Timothy Birdnow

The Parkway School District, wealthy suburban district in West St. Louis County, has rammed a perverted sex curriculum down the throats of parents and students.

According to the article in Missouri Education Watchdog:

"Last night the Parkway School District, despite strong opposition from parents in the district, narrowly approved the new "comprehensive sex education” program being considered for their health curriculum. Board members Deborah Hopper and Sam Sciortino and Board President Chris Jacob voted against the revised curriculum. In addition to promoting inclusion of various sexual identities, the program strayed from teaching sexual abstinence.

Last month I was contacted by a parent in the Parkway School District who was very concerned about the district’s proposed new sex education curriculum. She was looking for help in following the money to find who could be funding the push for the new curriculum. Following the money is particularly difficult. Funding for sex education programs comes through a diverse system but can often be traced back to either the federal government or private wealthy donors. Identifying the original source of funding for such programs can be quite difficult as the money path is (purposely) convoluted."


Well, well, well!

Here is more:

"Districts may be looking to change their sexuality education policies and curriculae in response to a 53 page guidance document issued by the US Department of Education in April 2014 which provided guidelines extending federal civil rights protections to transgender students. The letter states:

"Under Title IX, federally funded schools must ensure that students of all ages are not denied or limited in their ability to participate in or benefit from the school’s educational programs or activities on the basis of sex. A school violates a student’s rights under Title IX regarding student-on-student sexual violence when the following conditions are met: (1) the alleged conduct is sufficiently serious to limit or deny a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the school’s educational program, i.e. creates a hostile environment; [emphasis added] and (2) the school, upon notice, fails to take prompt and effective steps reasonably calculated to end the sexual violence, eliminate the hostile environment, prevent its recurrence, and, as appropriate, remedy its effects.”

One method of eliminating what might be perceived as a hostile environment and preventing its recurrence, is to train students to think of LGBTQ as perfectly normal. Accommodations by schools for bathroom or locker room access would further normalize such behavior or choices. This is only one possible response to the federal document, and not necessarily the most legally correct one."

End excerpt.

We have been told that Federal involvement in school curriculum is a good thing. We were promised great benefits from, say, Common Core, which forced Federal guidelines on local schools, effecctively removing the control of parents over what their children learn. But what has this wrought? The perversification of education, that is what. They now want to tell children that it is normal for a boy to put on a dress and lipstick and use the girl's restrooms.

Through most of human history that was considered a mental disorder at minimum, a perversion. Now, we know so much more than we did just ten years ago, our brains have so expanded that we must force everyone to accept this as perfectly normal, even if it violates the First Amendment rights of students.

So, where is this coming from?

According to the article:

Who is funding the new standards?

Since the Nixon administration, we have had Title X which funds the Department of Health and Human Services. The Teen Pregnancy Prevention program (TPP) is a HHS program which provides grants to "intermediary organizations that will provide capacity building assistance (CBA) to at least 3 youth-serving organizations to replicate evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) (Tier 1 A) programs in a defined service area with demonstrated need.” Such organizations could include school districts as "state agencies.” In 2015 $5m was allocated to such programs by the federal government.

Private donations from groups like the Rockefeller or Ford Foundation have also been used to fund this type of program. Other individuals who have been known to fund CSE programs are billionaire Paul Singer –wall street vulture capitalist and Daniel Lobe of The Arcus Foundation.

Almost $530m annually is paid to Planned Parenthood from the federal government through Health Services Grants and Reimbursements. PP provides programs like Chat/Text offering free sexual advice to teens and young women. They are advocates for comprehensive sexuality education and promote the National Sex Education Standards which were developed by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) in their leadership program. SIECUS’s goal is to eventually extinguish all funding for abstinence based sexuality education.

The UN is also pushing these same standards. Quoting UNESCO‘s ―International Guidelines on Sexuality Education, Dr. MiriamGrossman, author of You’re Teaching My Child What? stated, "One of the learning objectives [of sexuality education] is to ―change social norms. [Those who advocate for comprehensive sexuality education] envision a world without sexual taboos and restrictions—a world free of Judeo/Christian morality where each individual, regardless of age, should be free to make his or her own sexual choices … and no judgment [is] allowed … It‘s an ―anything goes as long as you use a condom philosophy of sex education. You can see how this type of curriculum supports the changes recommended by the USDED for district LGBTQ policies. See Family Watch International’s report Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Sexual Rights vs. Sexual Health

End excerpt.

And indeed this is a top-down movement, one being pushed and fostered by a cadre of elites in Washington and at the U.N. But, as always happens with this sort of thing, the Yuppie pseudo-intellectual class is quick to jump on-board to show how enlightened they are. Parkway is a wealthy school district; it is not one of the poorer districts, the kind that have to shepherd their resources.

This would never happen at Bayless or Lindbergh here in St. Louis because those districts have a lot of Bosnian Muslims in attendance. What would be the outcome? Transgendered children would likely be bullied terribly in such an instance, and the schools would not take actiion because it would be another protected class bumping up against the latest fashionable cause. So we won't see it down in South St. Louis County, but will see it out in the west where Muslims are fewer.

I think that hypocrisy is the most galling thing of all.

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