July 31, 2019

Overworked Kids: the Progresive Caste System

Timothy Birdnow

Public schools are overloading kindergartners these days, pushing endless lectures on the kids and denying them a chance to play as part of a learning environment.

According to the article:

Being a kindergartner today is very different from being a kindergartner 20 years ago. In fact it is more like first grade.

Researchers have demonstrated that five-year-olds are spending more time engaged in teacher-led academic learning activities than play-based learning opportunities that facilitate child-initiated investigations and foster social development among peers.

As a parent, I have seen how student-led projects, sensory tables (that include sand or water) and dramatic play areas have been replaced with teacher-led instructional time, writing centers and sight words lists that children need to memorize. And as a researcher, I found, along with my colleague Yi Chin Lan, that early childhood teachers expect children to have academic knowledge, social skills and the ability to control themselves when they enter kindergarten.

The Progressives have sucked all the joy out of learning, indeed, out of all of life. But to what end? The author gives us the answer here: In turn, when I asked the kindergartners what they were learning, their replies reflected two things: one, they were learning to follow rules; two, learning was for the sake of getting to the next grade and eventually to find a job. Almost all of them said to me that they wanted more time to play. One boy said:

I wish we had more recess.

These findings mirror the findings of researchers Daphna Bassok, Scott Latham and Anna Rorem that kindergarten now focuses on literacy and math instruction. They also echo the statements of other kindergarten teachers that kids are being prepared for high-stakes tests as early as kindergarten.

End excerpt.

Get that? The kids are being taught to OBEY RULES. It is the Progressive dream, to make the huddled masses obedient to their will.

It's part of why we have so much chaos among the college-aged today; they were so trained, and obediently act as the Progressive Brownshirts for social justice causes. They believe in everything they have been taught; climate change, socialism, etc. They are good, obedient children. Where did they get this notion?

Education used to be about teaching children to explore their world, to question things, to be curious. Now it is about obedience and acceptance of authority.

And it is aimed at pegging people into a permanent spot in the social/economic fabric. Like India, the Progessives want a society that is carefully organized. They want it to be like an assembly line, a machine that moves in fine-tuned coordination. Of course, they are at the top, the Brahmans of the Progressive caste system. But each is to be evaluated early, pegged, and steered toward the position chosen for them. (Remember, the Progessive movement has deep roots in England, which learned this model from her Indian colony.) Doubt my assessment? Read Aldous Huxley's Brave new World; he warned of this very thing.

My mother had been a primary school teacher and she always believed all work and no play made Jack a dull - and by dull she meant stupid - boy. She hated excessive homework, saying it was a cop-out to actual teaching. She was so right. Now kids are loaded with homework, far more than they should be. Hours a day of it. And they are under constant pressure. Is it any wonder so many of our young people are suffering from stress-related illnesses these days? That many of them are committing suicide? It's because the weight of the world is being placed on their shoulders at so early an age. And it is being done not for the good of the child but to drive the engine of societal evolution. It's disgraceful.

Now everything is structured, everything is organized, everything is regimented. Kids don't go outside and kick a ball around; they have to go to an organized team and be supervised by a coach who determines exactly who plays and where and when. Kids don't wander the neighborhood anymore, thanks to the mess the Progessives have made of our society. It is too dangerous. It didn't used to be, because we strictly enforced laws and had taboos in place against things like bothering little kids. But thanks to our friends' efforts we now can't let our children wander about, explore the world. Now everything is regulated and goal-oriented. That does not provide for a good education, because the exploring and freedom taught children curiosity and self-reliance. Of course, that is exactly what the Progressives don't want them to have. They want robots, not autonomous thinkers.

And let us not get into the sexual pressures these schools are putting on children. Often the schools are making these little kids second guess their sexuality, asking them if they think they might be gay, or transgendered. This at a time when they are just starting to realize the concept. They are being forced to make choices that will define their entire future existence when they can't even tie their own shoes.

The best thing Americans can do is homeschool and defund these vile brainwashing camps.

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