February 23, 2019

Our Father the State

Timothy Birdnow

Daren Jonescu has an outstanding essay at his website about State ownership of children and the war against home schooling.

From the essay:

The state governments of both Illinois and Iowa are currently taking aggressive legislative action to impose mandatory and periodic government invasions on private homes where children are homeschooled, in order to ensure that the government’s intellectual and moral indoctrination benchmarks are being met. In other words, these states, like most governments around the world that tolerate any level of homeschooling, are making a public show of declaring their ownership rights over all children, thus reinforcing the essential presupposition behind all public education, namely that parents exist only as secondary guardians and caretakers of children — a glorified babysitting service — subservient at all times to the government.

This has been the crux of my case against not only public schools, but also all state-regulated forms of "private schooling,” for years. The conservative fraud of "school choice” or "school vouchers” is just another manifestation of the same progressive, strings-attached diminution of the private family, in which all child-rearing ultimately falls under the regulatory domain of the state, whether directly or indirectly.
Daren is the author of The Case against Public Education, an outstanding book - available for free online - that shows how public education has been a plot by revolutionaries all along and is intended to fundamentally transform civilization and eliminate the family, a mission that has largely been accomplished.

Who owns you? The Rousseauian idea is that we have a social compact, and all own each-other, but that is at odds with the American vision, which comes from The Bible and John Locke and says God owns us and we hold the second mortgage on ourselves. The State and community have to take our leavings, as we have a responsibility to be good citizens but they do not have any controlling interest in us. Rousseau's vision metastasized in Socialism in the 19th century, which split into Marxism and other forms of communism on the left and Fascism/Nazism on "the right" which means the right side of the radical left. The common root in all of these is the concept that the State, or the People in a mythological sense, own the individual. There is no freedom in such systems, and can't be. What is traded for is a sense of security and the enjoyment of envy, of hurting those who have what you covet.

Poor motivation, but inevitable in a spoiled, narcissistic era. Life has been way too easy for the modern man, and the juvenile mentality seeks to make permanent the unfettered leisure of youth. But sooner or later we all have to grow up, because the Universe, or God, or whatever you want to ascribe to it, will eventually knock you on your ear. Reality is that thing which, when you stop believing in it, just won't go away, according to the author Phillip K. Dick. Dick - no religious conservative by any stretch - was absolutely correct.

But it is possible to hide in madness for a long time. That is where we are now; desperate to hide in our madness, to deny reality, and to control those who warn against the beautiful dream that will eventually turn nightmare.

The first trick to imposing that shining dream on people is to miseducate them, to take control of what they think, feel, believe. THAT is accomplished through control of schooling, and the earlier the better. It's why they keep pushing for preschool programs; get them away from their parents. It's why the Left has pushed feminism with an emphasis on women working - it gets the mothers away from their children so the State can take on the chore. It's why college has been deemed a fundamental right, and the longer people stay in school the better, even though there is a law of diminishing returns, and now a college degree has the weight of a high school diploma in the old days; it's not to train a more efficient or better educated workforce so much as to indoctrinate and control and occupy the time of younger adults.

And sex, drugs, music, rebellion, activism are all tools to help this along, carrots to entice the rabbits into the snare. The sexual revolution overthrew the old Christian moral order, but to what end? single parent families have become the norm, and as a result the children born out of wedlock are now wards of the State, even though technically they reside with their mothers. The overworked women have to turn to government to educate, clothe, feet, and otherwise care for the children sired by deadbeat dads, men who have been told all of their lives to enjoy consequence-free sexual liberation. And the women have been told to do that likewise. That's where abortion comes in; it is the tool whereby consequences are removed or alleviated for indulging one's fancy as part of the revolution. And once a woman has an abortion they own her.

Which is what they want to do to everyone. We are either free men and women or property, wards of a State that sees itself as the parent upstairs while we teenage kids get rowdy in the basement. And make no mistake, we are to stay in the basement. There are intellectual elites culled from the Universities, particularly the Ivy League schools, who sit upstairs sipping their chardonnay and making sure we children don't get hurt. But we are not their equals, and never will be.

The liberal idea of freedom is being free to act out in whatever insane manner suits you, but to have guardrails set by your betters to keep you from hurting yourself. It is a very odd notion of freedom. Conservatives believe freedom is self-control imposed on a rational and moral basis, using religious tradition and Divine revelation. We are free because we accept limits to our passions and rules of conduct. Leftist freedom is license to insanity.

Be sure to read all of Daren's outstanding essay!

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