April 29, 2019

Opioid Opera

Timothy Birdnow

At Ace of Spades the estimable Ace asks the question about the opioid panic.


From the article:

I have been deeply suspicious of the neo-Puritanical drive to end the use of opioid pain medication in America. They are wonderful medications for otherwise intractable pain, and most people can use them without issue.

Because most people aren't addicts.

Just like most gun owners aren't criminals. And most drinkers aren't drunk drivers. But as usual, America is on the insane arc of the pendulum and is over-regulating, using suspicious data and hysterical media manipulation.

Who Is Telling The Truth About Prescription Opioid Deaths? DEA? CDC? Neither?

I share this distrust. The very same people promoting legalized marijuana are pushing this drive to stop the use of pain killers. What I don't understand is why.

A few theories were mentioned in the comments section. One of the more solid ideas advanced was that Fentynal is moving up from Mexico and that this is a left wing attempt to get ahead of the logical demand that we stop leaving the borders open. The Progressives will argue "it's not drugs from outside the U.S. but prescription painkillers causing the problem".

I don't know, but this was too well organized, too orchestrated, too much of a full court press for me to believe it was anything but a planned play. Something that grows out of need will dribble in for a while. This "opioid epidemic" just appeared out of nowhere, full grown. I find it difficult to believe in anything that shows up on our doorstep in this fashion.

And notice too this is an attack on private doctors. It can be used to argue for strict regulation i.e. socialized medicine and panels specifically for controlling opioid use. In other words, it's all about gaining further control of the medical community, taking it even more out of private hands. And of course the drug companies are going to take it on the chin, despite the fact the public has misused the product.We are now seeing ambulance chasers filing lawsuits against the drug manufacturers.

Look, there is nothing for pain like an oopium-based narcotic. The addictive nature of them is certainly cause for concern and that is why I eschew the darned things when in pain, but I know people need them when they need them and we shouldn't allow people to suffer out of fear they might get addicted. That isn't to say we should hand them out like candy, but what is the point of medication? To be used WHEN NEEDED!

I've been very suspicious of this whole thing for a while now.

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