February 24, 2018

Oops he did it again; Rubio Betrays a Core Constituent Base

Timothy Birdnow

Over at Conservative HQ our good friend Jeffrey Rendall is trying to dismiss Marco Rubio's abandonment of his Second amendment position during the CNN Townmaul Democrat rally and gun hatefest.

Rendall states: "The fact Rubio bent to the urges of the multitude isn’t surprising. When confronted with people who just the prior week lost a child or faced possible death at the hands of a lunatic wielding a weapon you can’t help but want to provide comfort. It’s the human thing to do.

At the same time, principles are principles – in Rubio’s case he’s supposed to represent these people in Congress and doesn’t want to instigate an argument with a grieving father on national TV. It’s a confrontation that can’t be won and could lessen a senator’s authority in other matters."

End excerpt.

Rubio, the only Republican on the stage at the event, retreated like French troops facing the Wehrmacht. According to the Politico article quoted by Jeff:

"He broke with President Trump on whether to arm teachers. Rubio said it was a bad idea. He said he would favor raising the minimum age to purchase an assault rifle from 18 to 21. And he said he would consider restricting the size of magazines for firearms."

End excerpt.

I appreciate the tight spot Rubio was in but that should not, cannot matter when we are discussing a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. There are ways to be sympathetic but stand firm on principles. You can say "hard cases make bad law and we are sorting out a horribly painful, tragic case". You can argue that despite what these liberals think that the changes being proposed wouldn't have stopped this and won't stop future attacks. And to argue that arming teachers is a bad idea illustrates plainly how vapid Mr. Rubio really is. We have armed guards in banks, in jewelry stores, in hospitals, everywhere except schools. We have armed guards at sporting events. We have armed guards everywhere people gather or valuable items are kept. But for some insane reason the idea of having armed guards and assisting them with armed, trained teachers is somehow a bad idea?

You may remember that Marco Rubio was the conservative who thumbed us all in the eye with the infamous Gang of Eight, the bipartisan Benedict Arnolds who tried to ram amnesty down our collective throats. And Rubio was not jus the sane voice trying to soften this, he was their point man, and he raged against conservatives for not agreeing with his plan, a plan that would have made his own party a permanent minority and turned the U.S. into a part of Latin America.

In short, Rubio is a snake in the grass, and he showed it again at the CNN Lynch Party.

I understand where Jeff is coming from, but I cannot defend Rubio given his past duplicity. If Rubio was going on that stage he should have steeled himself first, and stood firm, taking the consequences. But Marco is more interested in making time with the internationalists and the big government classes who can do so much to advance his career.

Over the years Rubio has been handsomly financed by the NRA, and he couldn't even dance with the one who brung him here. Why do we need such faithless, feckless, cowards as our champions?

Until the GOP starts fielding men of committment rather than self-seeking weasles, America will not be renewed. Time is not on our side here.

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