September 29, 2018

On Kavanaugh, the Democrats are not honest players

Dana Mathewson

From William Katz:

"HOWEVER, through the good or bad auspices of Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a retiring Republican senator who is part of the never-Trump movement, an understanding was reached that a request would be made by somebody in some room with a working light bulb, that the full Senate consideration of Judge Kavanaugh be delayed for a week while the FBI conducts an additional background check on the judge. The check would be restricted to the charges made by Professor Ford.

So that's where we are. The full Senate is not legally bound to honor that request, but some Republican senators who are on the fence are supporting it. We now learn that the Senate leadership, at least on the GOP side, has come to an agreement on how to proceed, but we don't know what the agreement contains. It is clear, though, that there will be a brief FBI check.

Some say this new approach, which gives the Dems the FBI check they've asked for, may have a silver lining for Judge Kavanaugh. If the FBI comes up with nothing, this reasoning goes, it will give cover for some of the fence sitters to vote for the judge. Maybe so, but I fear this also has the potential to doom him. The Democrats are not honest players. If there is one sentence in the FBI report that intrigues them " "Mr. Kavanaugh dated a girl named Jenny" they'll seize on it and demand a full probe of his relationship with Jenny, whether she exists or not."

End excerpt. A word from Tim:

Who in the FBI is going to conduct this investigation? Who will write the report? I am given to understand that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page aren't busy right about now.

Given the behavior of the FBI in the last year or so putting them in charge is like putting a fox in charge of a KFC. There are apparently a lot of FBI people who would love to stick it to Donald J. Trump by denying him his SCOTUS pick. Strzok and Page clearly were not alone.

Why else would the Democrats be so adamant about an FBI investigation? Likely they know who is going to run it. After all, it will be the district office where the alleged event took place, which means they have a pretty good idea of who will be in charge.

Meanwhile it buys them time to dig up more dirt, and it further besmirches the good name of Kavanaugh before the general public as the media reports on him as a rapist. Time was and is not on Kavanaugh's side, and the GOP cant be so obtuse as to not understand that. He's going to look like Jeffrey Dahmer by the end of the week as the media breathlessly reports on "the rapist".

As for Flake, what will he be doing after he leaves Congress? The Republican leadership should have a friendly little chat with him and kindly inform him that his future financial prospects will be seriously damaged if he continues in this fashion. It is not impossible to do; contact potential future employers and tell them access will be cut off to them if they hire Flake. That is how the Democrats do it. One guy should not be able to block this, make this huge mess, out of pique. The democrats would never allow it on their side.

McConnell should call for a floor vote now. He could say that if Kavanaugh were prosecuted and convicted he would be the first to call for impeachment. See, the Dems wanted the FBI rather than state prosecutors on this because they know there would never be an indictment from a grand jury as this is entirely unprosecutable. That needs to be the standard. The FBI cannot come up with anything but innuendo at this point; too many decades have passed.

When will the Republicans learn how to do this stuff?

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