February 13, 2018

Obama's Multiple Middle Finger V for Victory

Jonathan Dickinson

A lot of people have had a lot of things to say about the Obama portraits. For instance, some science writer named Erin Biba (who's white, by the way) had this to say:

"Dear white people: It is beautiful that the Obama portraits are bringing so much joy to the black community. That is the only opinion you need to have about them."

The biggest complaint seems to be that Michelle Obama's portrait kinda doesn't look like her, at least not at first glance. But a very observant person noticed that Barack has more fingers than most of us.

This from Dana Mathewson

Either that or he has some kind of African carpal tunnel syndrome. Car-pool tunnel?

"Dear Science Writer: It seems to me like you are writing about a subject outside your frame of expertise. But if indeed joy is the only criterion of official portraits, then we have gone a long way down a slope. Not a slippery one, but a downhill one for certain.

From Tim:

Well, the man always did like to keep his middle finger free to employ at will....

And Obama got away with more than the usual five finger discount.

By the way, doesn't that look like pot plants in the background?

Dana again:

They sure do.

By the way, regarding the six-finger look: I never thought I'd get in ahead of the great Ben Shapiro, but I remarked to our private circle that it reminded me of the six-fingered villain in the wonderful movie "The Princess Bride," and immediately put into my head Mandy Patinkin's line (repeated more than once, the last time when he was just about cut into pieces by the villain's sword, "Hello. My named is Inigo Montoya. You keeled my father. Prepare to die!" One of the greatest lines of useless defiance in any movie I can remember, and it made me a fan of Patinkin, even through that awful T.V. show "Criminal Minds." Anyhow, I handed this idea to my friends THREE DAYS before Shapiro put it out into the world (Brag brag)!

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