December 28, 2019

Obama the Heretic

Timothy Birdnow

A few years ago I wrote about Barack Obama's religious beliefs. I concluded from his own words that he is not a Christian, at least not as we define it. Obama seems to believe Christ was merely a man, a moral teacher. In that regard Mr. Obama is more nearly aligned with Arianism, or actually more like the heresy of Islam - a religios heritage he was raised to revere.

I concluded that we cannot state unequivocally Obama is a Muslim but can conclude he is not a Christian.

Well, I just came upon this article which backs up my argument.

It's about Obama's Christmas messages while he was President.

The author states:

Obama failed, moreover, to quote from Scripture during his entire address, a trend he continued for the following seven addresses that he delivered at this event.

In 2010, he basically repeated the theme of 2009, mentioning a "child” born "far from home.” This time, however, he noted that this child was to "spread a simple message of love and redemption to every human being around the world.” While this mention of "redemption” is more on target in reference to Christmas, there’s still no mention of Savior, Jesus, or Christ. In 2011, Obama added a little more detail, mentioning the "stable” and "Christ’s birth” that "made the angels rejoice and attracted shepherds and kings from afar.” The child "grew up to become a leader with a servant’s heart who taught us a message as simple as it is powerful: that we should love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves.”

In other words, the "child” grows up to be a great moral teacher with a powerful message, but certainly not a "savior.” Obama’s conception of the mission of this child, the reason he was born, is vastly different from what Christianity holds.

In 2012, Obama praised "Christ” for teaching that "it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.” No mention of him being a savior. In 2013, Obama praised Nelson Mandela as a "man who championed that generosity of spirit.” He did not mention Jesus by name. He again mentioned the "birth of a child” in a "stable” who "assumed a mighty voice, teaching us lessons of compassion and charity that have lasted more than two millennia.” He again portrays Christ as some great moral teacher, but there’s no mention of him as a savior.

More of the same in 2014 and 2015. He mentions the birth of a "singular child” who would "grow up to live a life of humility, and kindness, and compassion; who traveled with a message of empathy and understanding.” "Jesus” is mentioned once in Obama’s 2015 address as a man who taught moral "lessons” that are the "bedrock values of all faiths.” In other words, for Obama, there’s nothing really unique in Christ’s message: it’s just that this man we’re celebrating happens to have practiced what he preached more than others.

In 2016, his last year of giving the address, Obama finally mentions the phrase "birth of our Savior.” But, he uses the title "Savior” in a meaningless way, saying that the main "message that this child brought to this Earth some 2,000 years ago” is not one of salvation, but one of "love,” "unity,” "decency,” and "hope.”

If you are a Christian you have to believe in the Divinity of Christ and that He saved us from eternal damnation by dying on the Cross. You cannot hold another view of Him.

It may be Obama is an Arian, which is a heresy. Or, more likely, a closeted Muslim. His middle name is Hussein, the name given to Muslims. His father was a Muslim, making him a Muslim by Islamic law. He was educated in a Madross in Indonesia, where he was sent to school by his Muslim step-father.

And you don't walk away from Islam. It's like the Mafia; once in always in.

Now Obama is no longer President but we need to stay informed regardless. The man has a great deal of influence even now.  America needs to know that this man duped them, tricked them into supporting him.

And the Truth shall set ye free! That always goes without saying.

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