November 27, 2018

Obama Judge lets Terrorist off with Alford Plea

Timothy Birdnow

A judge in Obama's adopted home town of Chicago has accepted an Alford Plea in a terrorism case. An Alford Plea is a plea where the accused does not admit wrongdoing but admits there is enough evidence against him to get a conviction in a trial.

This is highly unusual in a terrorism case as it generally leads to a weaker sentence. The case involves Adel Daoud, a twenty five year old who was caught in an FBI sting operation. Daud believed he was pushing the button on a bomb that was going to blow up a carbomb near a courthouse. Dowd told Federal agents he wanted to kill at least 100 people in a mass murder.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, an Obama appointee to the Northern District of Illinois, worried about the poor dear's dignity. According to the articl

"In accepting the Alford pleas, Coleman cited both Daoud's mental health and concerns the defense had raised about what she said was "the overall environment when (the word) 'terrorism' is mentioned." She didn't elaborate."

End excerpt.

So she worried about poor Daoud's tender sensibilities.

Daoud was treated for Schizophrenia after being taken into custody. He called the judge a "reptilian overlord" which may well have been an accurate description of her for all we know.

While Daoud was in jail he tried to organize the murder of an FBI agent and tried to murder a fellow inmate with a sharpened toothbrush for drawing a caricature of Muhammad.

In other words this is one bad dude. And this weepy judge let him off easy.

Judge Coleman is a piece of work. A graduate of Washington University Law school (the very liberal university in St. Louis) she was promoted by the leftist Dick Durban, the Sheik of the Burning Bland. Judge Coleman issued a bench order making gay marriage legal in Illinois in violation of the Defense of Marriage Act. This was before the Supreme Court issued their ruling and in violation of all law and custom from American history and American and English jurisprudence.

Coleman stated:

"There is no reason to delay further when no opposition has been presented to this Court and committed gay and lesbian couples have already suffered from the denial of their fundamental right to marry,”"

End excerpt.

It was a setup; the state Attorney General was Lisa Madigan, from the Madigan political dynasty in Illinois, and she wasn't going to try to defend the law.

She also appears to be quite thin-skinned, demanding an apology from a minister who warned she was courting Divine punishment.

It's clear Judge Coleman is a left-wing activist. Is it any surprise she is soft on terrorism?

Here is more on Daoud. He was a big fan of Al Qaida and plotted multiple murders.

Here are a few quotes from the love child:

Since you cannot kill ALL Americans… only target good targets that will really hurt America as a whole…
Adel Daoud December 2011

"Osama wasn’t crazy for wanting to destroy America.”

"Wallah man i feel like my love for jihad and killing the kuffaar who have transgressed against Allah has been RENEWED AND STENGTHENED i feel Amazing masha”

End quotes.

There is an Adel Daoud who is a sociologist and I wonder if Dr. Daoud is any relations to the terrorist? I have no idea how common a name this is in the Islamic world.

At any rate this judge is more concerned with the rights of a minority than with protecting the public from a monster. This is what you get when you have a radical like Barack Obama run the country.

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