May 02, 2016

Nork EMP Threat Grows

Timothy Birdnow

The dangers of an EMP attack are discussed at American Thinker.

I warned of this threat years ago, and it has only increased with N. Korea launching a second satellite in polar orbit. Thanks to Obama's killing the Strategic Defence Initiative we have no way of dealing with this type of threat. Granted, we have satellite killer technology (probably) but what good does it do while two satellites orbit above our heads? Employing a satellite killer after the first EMP would be pointless; it is high enough to take the whole country down the first strike.

For those who do not know, an electromagneetic ppulse is generated when an atomic bomb is burst above the stratosphere. The bomb generates a burst of gamma rays which strip electrons off the air molecules, sending the electrons down and away in a massive electromagnetic surge (the Compton Effect). The surge is too powerful and too fast for standard surge protection gear, and all the electronics that are unprotected *usual protection would require being deep underground or stored inside of a Faraday cage) will blow out. Since everything uses complet electronics these days an EMP would be absolutely devastating. ALL power would go out - and that includes any care built after 1980, which have computers that regulate them. No communications, no radio, no television, no computers, no cars or any means of transport, no pumps for gasoline or water, no shipments, no farmers plowing, no nothing. America would be sent back into the stone age; we don't have the 19th century technology available anymore, and we don't have horses for transport, nor kerosene lamps in any major capacity, nor anything. What is in your home will be IT for you. And, given the altitude that a satellite can explode at, one bomb should be sufficient for taking down the Continental U.S.

It really is that serious. A Congressional Report issued in 2007 estimated an amazing 90% kill rate within the first year; nine out of ten people will die as a result of starvation, dehydration, disease, and murder. And we must ask if liberals like Obama would bother to retaliate, and if we did what good would it do to smash North Korea? It's already smashed, and our own emp attack would accomplish nothing; we would have to actually use ground nukes on them - something the Chinese and Russians wouldn't tolerate much. Obama and the U.S. government no doubt will be safe in bunkers, at military bases especially prepared for it, in Cheyenne Mountain. It's the little people who will suffer. But Obama is not going to want any trouble with these other nuclear powers, so perhaps they will help us after Babylon has fallen.

For decades the U.S. government denied there was any such thing as the EMP affect. They knew about it from the original Starfish Prime nuclear test on Johnston Atoll in 1959, but always claimed nothing happened, even though the 1.5 megaton fission bomb blew out lightbulbs in Hawaii and took out radios and electrical equipment. That was a small bomb airburst just a few thousand feet above the target. When I wrote EMP and the Unfought Victory I was roundly chastised by people claiming to have been part of Starfish Prime who said I was completely wrong, yet a year later Congress warned of the frightful dangers of this very thing. Misinformation, clearly, and no doubt paid for with your tax dollars. i suppose it's an honor to be rebuked by the government, but at the time it was hard for me to refute. But it turns out I was right all along.

That'll be cold comfort if the bombs blow.

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