December 31, 2020


This from George Marlatt:

Another F word that may soon be censured is "fake". Another.way of thinking about things is in terms of a radio communication concept known as the signal to noise ratio. The same concept applies to light shining through fog. If the pilot sees the light through the fog he can keep from crashing. If the the radio signal can be interpreted in spite of the radio frequency interference the pilot may be able to avoid a crash. In the Bible I remember a term "a voice crying in the wilderness" , and Jesus said he was the light. He saved us. It is the same concept. The mainstream media degrading of Trump is analogous to intentional RFI. Trump has cut through the noise. I guess many choose to live in the noise. The pundit panels like "the five" or Joy Behair are no different than watching the pregame jock panels discussing sports teams. I have not watched any of this junk in 15 years. Informative YouTube's dissappear. I wish I had downloaded them. It is harder than ever to receive a clear signal through the intentional noise. However, I am tuned into the signal as are many of my FB friends. I have many FB friends who are picking up noise. It is hard to think straight with too much random and irrelevant information bombarding you. Orwell coined the term "double think". When one gets into the doublethink state it becomes difficult to discern the signal. It seems that many of our important government officials have reached a state skin to shell shock through all the double think. Another term used to describe it is cognitive dissonance. Bill Barr is a perfect example. He is obviously in a state of shock. Prozac and booze will not help. McConnell is another one but he has always been so inarticulate that he didn't seem to have things clear in his mind. I think G W Bush fits into this category. Trump is a clear thinker who does not drink. He talks in plain English and effectively communicates a consistent message even with the bombs landing. All the double thinkers that have joined his team then bailed out are Sessions, Bolton, Mattis, and others. Now we need to wonder what the Supreme Court will do. Mind you they need to avoid being accused of bias. This is worse than being accused of being a narcissist. I guess all we can expect is noise. Except for Trump it is mostly hollow men. Thomas and Alito are not vibrating in the noise. The Hollow Men say Trump is a narciscist. The term narcissist is misunderstood and has simply become part of the meaningless noise. Tune out the noise.

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1 It's necessary to understand that it is supremely difficult to avoid the noise in Washington DC. There are now way too many people involved in "government," and I use the so-called scare quotes because what we call government has become far larger than it was ever intended to be. All of us can blame our favorite bogeymen for this -- it doesn't matter. Likewise, we can look back and point our fingers to when we think it began. Again, it doesn't matter.

But it would be great to find a way to make it stop. There is far more "government" than the Constitution ever provided for. How to get rid of it? Sorry, folks, I have no idea, I wish I did. If you have ideas, please add your comments here!

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at January 01, 2021 10:10 PM (tunaD)

2 I like the solution in the movie Mars Attacks; the Martians blasted Congress with ray guns! But as ray guns are scarce I guess we have to find another, less lethal method. (sigh!)

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at January 02, 2021 08:22 AM (r3rcQ)

3 cant get over this. will recommend this to my friends.

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