October 29, 2021

No Interest In Possible Vaccine Adverse Reactions

James Doogue

In the following I describe my own anecdotes on the topic and those of someone I know to be honest to a fault who writes:

'One of my frustrations is the inability to seek the truth. We have to rely on anecdotes. And while anecdotes do not make good science, they can certainly help formulate a hypothesis from which scientific Enquiry can occur.

To this end, I question the sheer volume of personal anecdotes of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines currently on offer in Australia and compare them to the anecdotes I have heard over the entire course of my lifetime about adverse reactions to all other vaccines such as regular childhood vaccine, the flu shot, travel vaccines.

In my case - these are a big fat zero (although of course I know such reactions do occur - just not that I have personally known). It gets harder to stay out of the rabbit holes as time goes by.'

This is why we need a Royal Commission to investigate the State and Federal Government's response to the pandemic which must include the vaccine mandate and what systems were set up to collect short, medium and long term adverse reactions. We know we can't rely on Big Pharma to tell us the truth!

My Relevant Medical History

I have a blood disorder diagnosed when I was 41, which causes me some medical problems. I suffer chronic pain from degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine (spondylosis), in a number of locations since my early 40's. I also suffer from widespread muscle pain and tenderness which has been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. Thought to be part of 'post viral syndrome' resulting from catching Mumps in my early 40's despite having been exposed to mumps as a child.

As is common, the fibromyalgia is accompanied by fatigue and adversely impacted sleep, memory and as with anyone in pain, mood. Pain medication taken for spondylosis exacerbates fatigue and brain function. The blood disorder impacts my level of energy, strength and recovery from vigorous activity.

This all means that on some days, I'm totally useless and other days less so. On some days I take more pain meds than I should, to enable me to join in with an important activity, then I pay the price in the following days.

Days like today, the pain, drugs and fatigue conspire to make typing this an incredibly difficult task, which hopefully isn't noticeable in the finished product.

My Vaccine Experience

I had my first AstraZenaca vaccination in early June and my second on 6th August. I received a government automated follow-up to check on my response to the vaccine which I duly completed.

About 24 hours after the first vaccine I suffered as if I had a severe infection. A high temperature, pain and general weakness. I didn't seek medical assistance because I was aware the reaction was not abnormal. Had I been in paid employment I would have missed a week from work.

After the second vaccination, I had no discernable adverse response.

The above is what's in the TGA's record of vaccine response based on the surveys I completed.

What isn't in the report is that since 'recovering' from that first jab, the level of pain and fatigue I have been suffering has increased notably. The automated survey didn't allow for inclusion of such information had I recognised the response was more than transient back then.

Joint inflammation has increased. Glands in my neck are swollen and sensitive to touch. I'm more fatigued and needing to sleep during the day more, and have had to take significantly more pain medication.

The evidence is clear. My long term pain medication consumption records reflect the increase in medication consumed post-vaccinatio n.

My scores in the fortnightly shooting competition I participate in have plummeted, because of reduced strength and focus.

I have cancelled or pulled out of more family and social events since the vaccinations.

My GP is adamant I'm not suffering an adverse reaction to the vaccination. But how can she be sure? The swollen glands in my neck indicate an infection, but no specific infection has been found. I've been prescribed antibiotics anyway. There's no explanation for the increased pain, but the morning dose of pain meds has been doubled.

Given we are still learning about the Covid-19 virus, how can we be so certain what is, and isn't an adverse vaccine response? Particularly when no other medical explanation is offered?

Other's Experience

This is the verbatim experience of one friend.

"Anecdotally I know many people who have had reactions - from mild to severe. Yet the common theme is that when they reach out for medical assistance they are all universally told there is no correlation with the vaccine.

My daughter is now experiencing daily headaches.

Her friend (male) presented to hospital with chest pain and was diagnosed with pericarditis after his 1st jab. He was told there is no connection and despite his heart damage, will not be issued an exemption for the 2nd jab.

A dear friend got shingles.

My brother had an anaphylactic reaction less than 24 hours after his first needle.

There are many more in my own circle alone.

All these cases were told there is no correlation."

Meanwhile my wife and I know of one man why days after getting his first Astra jab developed DVT in his calf. He was asked had he banged the leg, been on a long flight or drive, been cutting for long periods etc..The answer was no, but they rejected any possibility the Covid-19 vaccination could be implicated.

Another friend felt unwell for a few days after the second Pfizer jab before collapsing and causing a serious head injury. No cause was found for the illness and collapse, but the vaccines were cleared out of hand.

There are multiple stories of people feeling floored as if they had a major infection for a few days, and still not feeling very well weeks beyond.

Sadly one individual who had been in otherwise good health collapsed and died of a stroke. "It happens", the family were told. Any connection to the vaccine was rejected.

Of course I'm not saying that all or any of these examples were adverse reactions to Covid-19. But we'll never know.

What I would expect is a greater level of scientific curiosity given the novel nature of the Covid-19 virus and various strains and the haste with which the vaccines were developed, mostly for profit.

Perhaps even more concerning is the lack of investigative journalism in our mainstream media, and the ease with which most of the population have given up basic human rights for the promise the government will 'keep them safe'.

Now we have state governments in Australia who are looking to institutionalis e 'emergency measures', extend government powers to suspend civil liberties based on just the possibility of a pandemic, and concentrate the power in fewer people thus reducing the normal checks and balances.

All that is happening before this pandemic is even over and before we can hold a broad ranging inquiry into the pandemic response.

Note to FB 'factchecker' morons:

You have provided a link to a dodgy article claiming the list of possible side effects are just what the FDA is watching for and that the FDA has no record of any serious Covid-19 vaccine side effects.

1. The list of possible side effects is provided to all recipients of the vaccine. If they weren't possible, they'd be no need to list them.

2. Your fact checking article is dated December 2020 before most countries had even started vaccinating their populations. Try updated data.

3. In Australia as at the 21 Oct 2021 TGA report: ' for Comirnaty (Pfizer), to 17 October 2021, we have received 312 reports of suspected myocarditis alone or in combination with pericarditis, and an additional 836 reports of suspected pericarditis alone. In the same period for Spikevax (Moderna), we have received 5 reports of suspected myocarditis and 28 reports of suspected pericarditis... ....

We are also closely monitoring rare reports of blood clots with low blood platelets (also called thrombosis with thrombocytopeni a syndrome or TTS) linked to Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca). In the last week, 4 additional reports of blood clots and low blood platelets have been assessed as probable TTS, bringing the total number of cases to 156.'

4. The whole point of this post is that we are pretty certain adverse events are not being properly reported. As my personal example shows.

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