September 29, 2018

No, a charge does not deserve attention if it didn't happen

Dana Mathewson

A good one from Ammo Girl.

She's old enough to relate to my age group. . .

From the article:

"Even after Tawana Brawley, and Mattress Girl, the Duke LaCrosse team accusers, and the fraternity gang rape that never happened, after every poop swastika and banana peel in a tree, all men and most women feel they HAVE to give an obligatory genuflection to "but, of course, the #MeToo movement is an important and wonderful thing.” No. It is not.

It is a deadly cocktail of Professional Victimhood, Neo-Victorianism, the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials and the certainty of being found guilty of the Stalinist Show Trials. No man is safe, no matter how many decades go by, from being accused of sexual crimes. It is the weaponization of the fantasies or distorted accounts of minor, unprovable, or consensual sexual incidents redefined later by unhinged women. Which is akin to giving razor blades to female rhesus monkeys who are on an experimental program of PCP and estrogen."


"The truly sickening thing – well, after the end of Statutes of Limitation, Presumption of Innocence, picky little things like Evidence – is that these lunatics don’t really care a fig about women if they are assaulted by Democrats. In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, all the hysterics care about is stopping a man who might not support their right to kill unborn babies. That’s it. All the rest is embarrassing"

Fay Voshell adds:

How often have we heard the seriousness of the charge merits attention? No, a charge does not deserve attention if it didn't happen.

Good acting doesn't mean she's authentic. I once had a step uncle who impersonated a doctor, an FBI agent, a Marine and many other characters. He lied, stole and cheated. He was so good at it that people believed him and distrusted my aunt, who told the truth.

It is hard for me to believe men once again are falling for the age old trick of a woman's tears accompanied by bad acting. She should not be treated gently. She is a tool being used to destroy a good man. She is an impersonator--just like my uncle, who destroyed a good woman and her children. Tim says:

Fay, your uncle reminds me of the guy that they made that movie "Catch me if you can" about.

When my mother was still alive she made a keen observation "you can do anything if you simply act like you are supposed to be there." She was referring to her second career as a sales rep (she had been a school teacher) and was talking about how you could go into places with "no admittance" signs, but it is applicable in so many other ways. In this case, being a woman and acting as though you have been hurt is enough for admittance into a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and may well bring down a well qualified, decent, moral man. She just had to act like she belonged....

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